How Many Tenants Receive Their Rented Appartment Deposit back?

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Hello Everyone, Just wanted to know how many Tenants manage to get their Appartment Deposit back from the Landlord after leaving the Appartment? I have changed Appartment couple of times in Luxembourg and NONE of the Owners have returned me the Deposit citing different reasons. Just wanted to know how many people have similar experiences OR Do Landlords return the Deposit after vacanting the Appartment? I have always regularly paid my rent on time, my yearly chauffage/electricity balance bills etc but still when it comes to taking back the Deposit, Owners tone and language changes suddently. They cite all sorts of reason. Can People who are rented or are renting the Appartment share their experiences please.


susanlx 1425261826

Hi, I have moved around Luxembourg about 9 times and have always received my deposit back. On moving in I take pictures and on the " etat de lieux" mention everything that is wrong with the flat, even a plug socket that is hanging off. I generally stayed around 3 years in each flat and kept the decoration clean and tidy, any holes made in the walls should be filled in and if its a mess re-paint the areas that are damaged. If the flat or house is newly decorated before you move in, try and keep it that way during your stay. At the end of the tenancy agreement after you have given notice the owner should send someone round to check the electricity, water meters and gas or if you have the discs on the radiators they should be checked as well. He has to wait until all the bills are in before he can return the deposit, it shouldn't be more than a couple of months. If you paid an agency at the beginning they should try and mediate for you if you have a problem with the owner. I have never done this but I have friends who had problems with owners so they withheld a couple of months rent at the end and didn't bother getting their deposit back. Not the best route to take in my opinion.

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Thanks Susanlx,

In Case of Staying in Appartment for less then 3 years, is it that the Tenant has to pay for repainting of the Appartment? My Previous Landlords have used my Deposit amount for repainting the Appartment.

susanlx 1425517354

Hi, if they (the owners) had completely repainted before you moved in, then it is better to leave it in exactly the way you found it less " normal usure". I once rented an appartment near the Luxlait factory and upon removing a picture frame it was really dirty around where the frame had been, the owner understood that pollution from the factory had done this and let me off painting the whole wall

When you rent an appartment here its very important to do an " Etat de Lieux", after that basically anything minor that goes wrong is your problem, anything major is the owners, but that doesn't let you off the hook, if you have say a boiler and you didn't get it servied during your tenancy you would be liable for that

Its a complicated area, the owners in Luxembourg tend to fare better than the tenants in court, they always seem to find some obscure clause to catch a tenant out. I always remained good friends with 99% of my owners, also managed to pay the rent most of the time on time!

I would object strongly though to losing my appartment deposit for repainting everywhere after only staying two years unless they gave you the keys to a spotless appartment?


waacalux 1426687315

Some Land lords are very  funny they do not like to make any refund of your deposite. From my experience if you deposite two months use the two months without paying .Then the deposite go to courver the two months you did not pay .Immagine if you live in a house for 10 to 15 years and the land lord want the house to remain as it was 10 to 15 years ago do you think that is possible ? Do avaoid any structural damage .Piant ware and every thing in life ware out .What ever you use ware out .If the paint or anything elase in the appartment ware who have to pay .?

smlux 1426763428

Thanks Waacalux, I completely agree with you that Normal wear and tear happens during one stays in an appartment and the Deposit Amount should be used to cover the Last Month Rent which i tried to do so during my last appartment stay, But the Owner refused citing the clause written in the Contract (in French) mentioning that Deposit Amount cannot be used for covering Rent. And Later On he never returned the Deposit citing Painting the Appartment and Other Cleaning Expenses.

Normally its the Tenant who bears the costs and as the amount is with the Owner there is very little that tenant can do. 


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