pet sitting in kirchberg area

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Is anyone in the Kirchberg area and want to swap dog/cat/rabbit/bird/plant whatever duties? This used to work very well for us in Australia and the UK and wondering if we could establish another network. Or if there's someone in the area that doesnt have a pet to reciprocate with, we'd pay instead.thanks!


JogiOli 1340973798

My name is Katharina, we live in Mensdorf (15 minutes from Kirchberg) and we have a black Labrador. I looked after dogs before but never thought about swapping pets. It sounds like quite a good idea. What do you have? It would be nice to hear from you again.
Cheers Katharina

petra-901444 1365682947


we have recently moved to Luxembourg and occassionaly we are out of Lux, so looking for a dog sitter. We have a really nice and friendly cocker spaniel and I am wondering whether someone who has a friendly dog would sit him when we are on vacation and then we would do the same thing with his dog when he or she is out of the country.

Ours really likes compagnions, so if anyone else has a dog who is very fond of having a compagnion around and is interested for this kind of exchange, please let me know.


petra-901444 1365683006

hi, very much interested for that! we have a dog and swaping would be great!

SydLux 1379281354

Hi Petra, if you are ever stuck for a dog sitter, I have 3 children who would love to take care of your dog for the weekend.  We had to leave our Cocker Spaniel in Australia and they would another dog.  This might be a good alternative.  My number is 691 192205 - Jodie

SydLux 1379281420

Hi, I live in Kirchberg also and have a rabbit that needs looking after occasionally.  This would be a great idea.




Dolores-381324 1379491259

hi, my name is Dora, and I am looking to do some pet-sitting (dog walking especially) in my spare time. I am available in mostly all weekends and morning/night hours as well for dog-walking.

I had a dog for 16 years :) and miss her. would love to be in touch with animals again, unfortunately my landlord doesn't allow dogs in the apartment i rent.

petra-901444 1379555776

hi Jodie, great idea.thanks. if your kids are missing dog you can join me o some of the walks. sending you also my nr. 691768289



silpe 1380191373

Hi Jodie,


I had rabbits when I lived in Argentina and I woudl love to have one here but as i travel and live alone, I don't know who could take care of it should I buy one. That said, pet swapping may be a solution. I would be really happy to take care of your rabbit when you need. My email


petra-901444 1380191810

Great Dolores. If you ever wanna buddy for a walk you can always go with our cockrr spaniel. he could be out 24h /day :):) he enjoys that so much

sending you also my nr. 691768289



Lieng 1381099321


I am looking for someone who would be able to do some pet-sitting from time to time. I have three very friendly Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who would need feeding and walking. 

If anyone is interested, please give me a call on 691 205 792.

Thank you,


bonniebelle-7117 1381158785

hi all ,

we're now in the munsbach / schuttrange areaif anyone wants to swap pet sitting duties out here?

(ie you tell me the dates you're away and i'll come feed your pets, and vice versa for my two cats)

its a great way to keep them out of kennels and catteries...


brya 1385727569


I live in Steinsel and I am available to take care of your cat or small dog in my flat, but only in weekends.

I don't have any pet at the moment but I really miss have some at home so I would be really happy to share my time with yours :)

luxogal 1405535832

Hi All 


I am looking for someone to look after my dog for a couple of days in your home. 

She is a 4 year old very friendly female golden retriever/labrador mix. 


Please contact me if you can help. 



Elena27-968637 1405711497


I am looking for someone, who would be available to take care of my 1 year old Yorkshire mix, while I am at work. He is playful and very friendly to everyone (incl. dogs and children). It is a pity to have him alone at home waiting for me. I was hoping to find someone, who likes dogs and would be happy to have him around, at best with a garden or another dog, so that both could be playing. Also, if it is not every day, it would be great to find someone even for a day during the week for example.

In exchange I would offer my help (e.g. sitting your pet or watering your plants while you are on holidays)

If you are interested, please send me an email:

Thank you, Elena


bonniebelle-7117 1406209015


maybe she could stay with us?  what are your dates, and is she okay with cats and toddlers?

we've got a little yard, but my son loves dogs and we could take her out for walks each day?

living in schuttrange, behind the airport.




bonniebelle-7117 1406209099

sorry, this message was directed to luxogal...

kezzyk 1408630202

hi my name is nick

i am looking for some1 to look after my dog for 1 night on very short notice as in tomorrow till sunday

jim is very freindly  to ppl bet not so fond of other dogs.

pls let me know  if any1 is intersted ...thanx



SydLux 1418644826

Hi Dora,


I found an old post regarding dog sitting.  I am desperatly looking for someone to look after my pup over the Christmas period.  Would you be interested?  If so, please get in touch with me.


SydLux 1418645103


I am looking for a dog sitter for my pup and bunny from the 18th of December to the 4th of December.  Did you find anyone?  Are you interested in still doing a "swap" arrangement?



juliebryson 1418679212

I am an experienced petsitter. Feel free to get in touch. I might be able to help...

jane mary mathew 1421334581


I am willing to look after a dog at my place. I have two beagles and they are friendly. Will be nice if I cld leave my beagles with anyone when I am travelling

my email


jane mary mathew 1421334585


I am willing to look after a dog at my place. I have two beagles and they are friendly. Will be nice if I cld leave my beagles with anyone when I am travelling

my email


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