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Hi All I'm hoping someone can help. My cat is due to move to Luxembourg on Friday. Me and my furniture will follow on Monday. I will then go back to the UK from 24-28 December. Unfortunately the cattery with which I was booked has now advised they cannon accommodate. I am hoping for someone who can: 1. Take delivery of my cat on Friday and look after him until Monday 2. Then come to my apartment in Merl once a day from 24-28 December to feed / pamper him.   Obviously I will pay for this service.  My cat is a maine coon,extremely friendly, yet timid. You will fall in love with him.   Thank you for your help Terri

started by: rbdavis · last update: 1418679408 · posted: 1415745700

I'm looking for a reliable cat sitter for the week of Christmas.... someone to come by my apartment in Limpertsberg for an hour each day (give or take).  Does anyone have a recommendation?

started by: mark-6842 · last update: 1417854006 · posted: 1312900987

Does anyone have a reliable pet sitter they could personally recommend? We have 2 cats in a nice apartment near the stadium and could even offer accommodation if appealing to the right kind of person. Thanks if you can help, Mark (also carpenberg@gmail.com).

started by: TomHowald · last update: 1415040366 · posted: 1415011939

We found a black and white kitten in Howald on Sunday 2 November, near the Pharmacie de l'Eléphant and Jhangeli bus stop by Route de Thionville. We're taking it to the vet tonight to see if it has a microchip and to establish its sex. The kitten is a few months old (maybe 3 or 4 months) and is black and white. It is clean (toilet-trained and nice smooth fur) and is not scared of humans or of our 2-year-old cat. This leads us to think that it may well have a family who takes good care of it and who are desperately looking for it :-( If the owner can't be found, we will keep it. If you think this is your cat or you have a friend/relative/neighbour who's lost their black and white kitten, please email me at seligmann.thomas@gmail.com and attach a photograph of it so we can make sure it's yours. Thanks.

started by: fsugirl · last update: 1413974525 · posted: 1410456238

Hi- I'm looing for a dog sitter while we travel on the weekends. At times, the days would be two- three or at most four days. Would prefer someone who lives in Belair.  If interested, please message me at wc05e@yahoo.com Thanks!

started by: rokia97 · last update: 1406936999 · posted: 1406936999

Hi everyone, I'm looking for anyone that needs help with or dog sitting or any type I animal. I love animals and love being around them so please If you have any interest in me please email me at rokia.ouattara16@gmail.com

started by: luxogal · last update: 1406298928 · posted: 1405589388

Hi All   I am currently looking for someone to look after my dog for a couple of days while I am away. She is a very friendly labrador/golden retriever mix. She is 4 years old and loves people and other dogs. Please contact me if you can help.   Thank you

started by: Micicuta · last update: 1406029044 · posted: 1405603794

Hello! I just moved to Luxembourg and I'm looking for a cat sitter for my 2 cats, from August 16th until August 24th. I live near Remich, near a bust stop. I'd need someone to feed them, clean theyr litter and check that the're doing ok. I have already tried a couple of pet sitters in Luxembourg city but they do not offer their services in Remich. Does anyone know someone in the area? Thank you!

started by: JogiOli · last update: 1406017624 · posted: 1341833077

Hello   I am a mother of 2 and owner of a black male (fixed) Labrador. I am offering my love for dogs to earn a little pocket money. I live in the Grevenmacher region and can occasionally look after your dog while you are on holidays or away on short trips or at work. He/she can stay with us and will be taken out for a lot of walks and exercise with our young dog together.   Greetings  

started by: zuzu-5655 · last update: 1405709966 · posted: 1345471694

Hi,I love dogs. I have one too: a male which gets on very well with female dogs. We have also a very big house. So I would be more than happy to take care of your female dog in my house when you are on holiday / have a business trip or etc.. Your dog will have several advantages like:- staying in a family environment- having a personal care- taking daily walks in a forest- not staying in a cage or sth like thatIf you are interested in please contact me via my e-mail.p.s. I live close to Grevenmacher

started by: Miao-Marshall · last update: 1405707564 · posted: 1343348489

We are looking for dog sitter for our 3 year-old Border Collie Mix. He is very affectionate and loves taking walks and playing Frisbee. August 10 to 20. 10-15 Euro/day depending on the arrangement.

started by: TamaraSmit · last update: 1402420287 · posted: 1402420287

I have a 9 weeks old Golden Retriever puppy and am looking for some play mates for Sam to socialize with. Canach / Schuttrange / Oetrange / Moutfort area Please contact me if you would like to meet up.

started by: Desimozokova · last update: 1396630731 · posted: 1396239524

Lost dog in Luxembourg.!!Kali has escaped, she has run in Luxembourg exposure and not find it. Please, if I see let us knowTelf: +34616093501 or +34607656534 or call to police 352 4997 4 500 [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/sbhvec.jpg[/IMG]

started by: natalir · last update: 1396261438 · posted: 1395916399

Hello, does anyone know - can recommend - good place to leave a dog for 3 days or 1-2 weeks during our holidays to properly look for it - it can be the official dogs hotel or just a person having house with garden and a wish to have a walks with energy retriever, who wants to run and play. thank you, Natalja. 

started by: missdee · last update: 1395689651 · posted: 1395614675

Hi, can anyone give me information on vets in Diekirch please. We live in France, but will be travelling through Luxemburg and Holland on our way to the UK. We will need to get the pets passport ready for their ferry trip. We have the name and address of one vet but the information is a few years old now. Any information will be welcome. Thanks

started by: SaraJRomao · last update: 1382533499 · posted: 1382354023

Hi I have an old labrador who is almost 11 and a very special part of my family.  She has terrible arthritis and is on chronic medication to ease it.  I know that soon she will need me to put her out of her misery when it gets too much to bear and she is in too much pain but I really don't want to put her through the trauma of getting in the car (which she loves) and taking her to the vet to be put to sleep.  I really would like to know if there are any vets who make house calls.  I have contacted a couple of vets close to Esch where we live but they are unable to assist or make recommendations. Has anyone had a similar experience or can advise me please? Thanks, Sara

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Please could someone advise the correct manner to report animal abuse and how to find shelters that can take animals at short notice?  In the instance where there is known to be severe abuse and the animals life is in danger but that the animal cannot be removed to safety by a member of the public - what authority can one contact in an emergency to have the animal removed?  Thank you

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Giving a neutered, vaccinated white cat... age approx. 11 month. very gentle and affectionate.

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Hello,    Yesterday, around 10pm we found a cat near d'coque swimming pool. He/She was really frightened about being alone.  -orange tabby cat -probably from Kirchberg or Weimershof - young, less than year old -very friendly -really miss his/her family PLEASE CONTACT US: tel: 661 879 084 e-mail: gabikaziuk@gmail.com

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Does anybody know where there is a dog park close to Beggen. Or maybe the nearest forest area? Thank you

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