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Please help me find Rufus! He got lost on Friday 5 April in Belair/Merl. He was last seen in the Merl Park around 5 on Friday. He is a small white Pudel-like castretaed male dog arond 3 years old. He is chipped and the chip will say he belongs to the dog shelter in Gasperich where I got him from last summer. He is very friendly but will porblably not come to unknown men since he is a bit scared of men but he loves women and chilrdren.   Please keep yous eys open and call me if you see him!!! Kind Regards Caroline 691 889 992

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This may be a silly question but there's no harm in asking anyway: I'm allergic to cats but have, to my amazement, come into contact with certain cats and not had any reaction. Would anyone by any chance know what breed of cats are suitable to people with cat allergies? I understand there is never a 100% of not having a reaction but if the symptoms are minimal, then it's certainly worth asking :-)

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I moved to Luxembourg last year and have 2 dogs (Female German Shepard and Male Shih Tzu) and 1 cat. I am searching for someone interested in pet sitting when i am away on holiday or business travel and is resonably priced. i am looking for a responsible person who can eithor visit multiple times per day (for short visits) but is also avaiable to spend the night during long stays away. if you are interested please email me at bwitherspoon22@gmail.com or respond to this posting.  Thanks!

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Do you think that the use of prong and choke collars should be banned in Luxembourg? Read more: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/animalife/2012/09/10/petition-against-the-use-of-prong-and-choke-collars-in-luxembourg/

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Due to recent separation, we are looking for a good home for our 2 year old female St. Bernard. If you are interested in adopting our large, loving baby and have the time and space, please contact me on 621700855.

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Hello everyone, I am looking for a pet sitter who can take care of my 7 year old brown labrador during the first week of September (Tuesday 4th - Monday 10th). We live close to Grevenmacher but would be dropping her of and picking her up. The person is preferably a previous dog owner or has an existing business to do with dog care. It will have to be someone who is able to take her out for a minimum of 3-4 walks ( 1 long one where she can run around in a park or forest). Please contact me if you are interested. Eurochiq,

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Animals lovers, we need your help! This is an organisation Luxembourg animal lovers already support in many ways, but the dramatic situation is such that more assistance is needed.Adoptions, foster families, donations are very welcome however every little help is much appreciated! Please take a few minutes and read more...http://blogs.angloinfo.com/animalife/2012/04/02/s-o-s-in-rousse/

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These are special dogs on a special quest... The "Bravehearts" of Rousse!Thanks in advance for sharing the ad with animal lovers. Hopefully the one or the other would like to give them a chance.http://blogs.angloinfo.com/animalife/2012/04/20/dogs-of-the-week-the-bravehearts-of-rousse/

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These two Dog Expats from Romania are looking for nice people with lots of patience and a fenced garden who would give them time to adapt to their new life... Would you like to meet them? Please take a few minutes and read their story here:http://blogs.angloinfo.com/animalife/2012/03/29/dogs-of-the-week-don-and-bella/

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Please meet Emma, the 'Dog of the Week' presented in AngloINFO's blog Animalife: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/animalife/2012/03/15/dog-of-the-week-emma/Unfortunately she can't stay with her current family anymore an a rehoming is rather urgent. Any help or sharing of the ad would be appreciated.Thanks.

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Are you a fan of 'Old-Style' Siamese Cats, called 'Thai Cats'? Joshy and Jerry are urgently looking for a new home. Read more in AngloINFO's blog Animalife:http://blogs.angloinfo.com/animalife/2012/03/21/cats-of-the-week-joshy-and-jerry/Thanks for your help!

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Can anyone here recommend a kennels (ideally with cattery too) somewhere around the west of Lux - near Arlon, Wiltz, or even a bit south of Lux city - that sort of area? I've driven past Doggy Palace and it looks nice (and the website is very whimsical) but it's always great to have feedback from someone who's used a place. It's for medium sized outdoorsy dogs (not small, lap dog types), and one has "issues" so I'm quite particular that the management/handlers have the quiet and calm around the dogs approach (not that mucho shouting, bashing on the cages style of kennels - why do they do that!?!). Many thanks for any suggestions.

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We are interested in getting a male golden retriever pup. Does anybody know anybody who could help?Thanks

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This little girl has been taken from a killing station in Cyprus by a german rescue organization and now she is in a foster home in Luxembourg in hope of finding a home. She is 4-5 years old, good with other dogs, suitable for a family, kids and seniors.She has an underbite but it makes her cuter! http://hundeliebe-grenzenlos.de/index.php/unsere-hunde/hunde-bis-40-cm/617-kitty-ich-bin-wirklich-ganz-lieb

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I am available to take care of your dog, small or large, when you need that weekend away or for your business trips that are unavoidable!We live in a large family home in the centre of Grevenmacher close to the Moselle river with lots of lovely walks beside it or walks in the forest.I have one female, sterilised, dog of my own, plus 2 children age 6 and 12, so your dog will be well taken care of in a happy home.Contact me through this site for more information or email beckyray@bluebottle.comThank you!

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As we are not allowed to take our dwarf rabbit as "cabin luggage" on the plane and would like to avoid putting her in the cargo, we need a "rabbit sitter". Does anyone know of someone overly nice and reliable? It's a house rabbit, so used to being very well attended to...

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A dog, female got lost on the woods on the 22 of november in the woods (country Luxembourg).She is Deutsche Pinscher, 4 years old... black with brown spots.She is 50 cms tall.We miss her very much. We have been looking for her in all ways possible. We do not know what to do anymore.If you've seen a lost black dog, please call us!Si vous avez vu un chien perdu en noir, s'il vous plaît appelez-nous!Wenn Sie einen schwarzen Hund verloren gesehen haben, rufen Sie uns bitte!We are very very worried about her. It is too cold outside for her.Email: rachel_mond@hotmail.comTel: 691162904

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Beagles need your help! Wanted: Foster or adoptive families!See here: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/animalife/2011/11/16/dogs-of-the-week-snoopy-co/

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hi! I live in Strassen and I have some spare time in the mornings and in the evenings, so I would be happy to take out your dog for a walk. I have an old english mastiff back home, so larger breeds are not a problem at all.Well, let me know if your pet needs a walk =)

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Dear all, Please have a look at this URGENT adoption ad: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/animalife/2011/10/25/cat-of-the-week-marlena-revisited/Do you know somebody who would like to give a second chance to his lovely pussycat who is soooo sad at the shelter and crying out for your help?Thanks in advance for sharing the post.

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