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On Sunday, 9th October 2011, Isabella, a middle-sized, beige brown, female dog ran away from the airfield 'Arel-Air' (see map) in Arlon-Sterpenich towards Steinfort. Although her family is desperately looking for her, she's missing since.See here for details: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/animalife/2011/10/10/missing-isabella/Thanks in advance for your help.

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We have two Siberian Husky pups that are family friendly, have a great nature looking for a good home please interested person should Emil back for more information and pictures.Email:donacenmoore@gmail.com

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We are looking for someone to take care of our dog (a nice German shepherd) while we are away for 2 weeks next month. If you are interested please get in touch.

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Hello,We have just got a new puppy and I am not at work at the moment. We live in Ehnen, Wormeldange and I go back to work in 2 weeks time. Does anyone live this direction and could let out my puppy at lunch each day? Or can anyone recommend anyone to do this. Dogwalking.lu do not cover this area.Thanks.

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Hi, Does anyone out there happen to know what vet in Luxembourg would be equipped to measure a dog's blood pressure?Thanks in advance for the info.

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Right in the middle of Europe, millions of street animals are dying each year. The organization 'Docs for Dogs' has launched a new petition to urge Europe to take responsibility for millions of street animals.Look here for further details:http://blogs.angloinfo.com/animalife/2011/07/21/petition-europe-has-to-take-responsibility-for-millions-of-street-animals/Please help by signing and sharing this petition, every signature counts!Thanks in advance.

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Hi, is it possible to cremeate animals in Luxembourg thanks

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Hi, does anybody know of pet travel companies, we are relocating out of Lux and need to take our animals along thanks

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Hi all, Can someone recommend a veterinarian specialized in neurology? I have an epileptic dog and need this kind of specialist here in Luxembourg. I am also looking for a homeopathic veterinarian as homeopathy should also help. Many thanks, Ilcho

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Hi folks, i am looking for a cattery for my cat during my next holidays. Could anybody give me a hint where to go in Luxembourg ? Thanks

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We have a three year old female cat - neutered but that doesn't seem to stop her attracting male cats who obviously mark their territory. We'd like to do something to stop this. Any ideas?Thanks

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I have 3 kids, aged 7 and 5 (twins), who are desperate to start horse riding. The stables that I have contacted here already either do not cater for little ones, or they charge 40 euros an hour ! For 3 kids I cannot stretch to 120euros for one hours entertainment ! Can anyone recommend a stables, maybe in France or Belgium, which has more reasonable rates, and has ponies for the younger rider ? Many thanks.

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Too many animals are transported under unacceptable conditions on European highways.8hours (initiated by Dan Jørgensen, member of the European Parliament and head of delegation for the Danish Social Democrats and Christa Blanke, founder of Animals' Angels) has launched a petition to limit the duration of animal transports to 8 hours.A link to the petition as well as further informations about this initiative have been posted in the blog Animalife of AngloINFO Luxembourg.http://blogs.angloinfo.com/animalife/2011/02/05/stop-long-animal-transports/

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Would someone know what the legal definition of dangereous dogs is? Based on the breed, I guess. Where can I find the list, if any?

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Hi, I love dogs. I have one too: a male which gets on very well with female dogs. We have also a very big house. So I would be more than happy to take care of your female dog in my house when you are on holiday. Your dog will have several advantages like: - staying in a family environment - having a personal care - taking daily walks - not staying in a cage or sth like that The daily fee is 15 eur. If you are interested in please contact me via my e-mail.

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Hi, does anybody know where i can leave my parrot and dog whislt i am away over the chrismas holidays? I live in the Niederhaven area. Thanks

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Important information to all dog owners living nearby: in KAYL in the area called "Léifrächen" someone spread poison. One dog already died and another one got ill. Be careful if walking your dog there or better avoid this area for some time!

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URGENT: Seeking cow (Highlander, Galloway, Limousin or other robust race) or robust horse to keep company with Galloway calf during the winter (open barn with water, straw, hay as well as a big meadow are available).

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I have just moved within Luxembourg and have 2 dogs. Does anybody know how I change the address to which they are registered on their microchops? Any guidance much appreciated! Thanks

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Hi. We are looking for someone to sit our house and pets (2 dogs, 2 cats) for a few days in November. Any recommendations or suggestions? Thanks, Alexandra

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