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I have a keen interest in horses and trying to help a friend who is currently staying at hospital with serious consequences implying that he won't be able to care as much as he would after his friend when he comes back home. Is there any horse retirement place that would be willing to welcome a 23 year old horse in Luxembourg or in the area? I am willing to speak (at my 'conversational' level) in French if English or Spanish are not an option.

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Cats, as well as dogs, can get a heat stroke. Leaving a dog cooped up in a closed car on a sunny day for only a few minutes can already be deadly. Even a slightly open window is not enough to help it cool off! Already an environmental temperature of 20 degrees C° can be deadly! Why? Because the car can heat up to more than 50 degrees C° within minutes. It's a shame that this summer many dogs will once again die cruelly of a heat stroke cooped up in the car.Don't let this happen!Help us inform dog owners. Order free leaflets for distribution www.tasso.netAnimal protection is everyone's concern!

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We are looking for a cat 'hotel' for 2 weeks in June 2010. Old female, social, children friendly, quiet and used to be indoor most of the time. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good pet boarding place?Thanks.

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When is it allowed to have a dog on public transport, I mean not a guide dog, and when can the company charge for journey? I am a bit confused.

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Can someone give us an indication of how much the travel cost would be for a dog from the US and is there someone in Luxembourg who deals with this kind of things.

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Can anyone suggest a reasonably priced Pony club or horse stable in Luxembourg or the South of the country who may have an English-speaking instructor for a young girl (8).

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does anyone know where is a good pet shop in luxembourg because i need somthings for my hamster thanks.

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Legislation in Luxembourg requires that dogs and horses (for the horses: new since January 2010) must be chipped even if they never leave the country. Does anybody happen to know if the chip is also mandatory for cats staying in Luxembourg all the time? I looked for the information on the AI Info pages but I could only find the legislation concerning pets moving to or out Luxembourg.

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Does anyone know where I may get a pet (cat and dog) portrait done professionally?

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I have a nice cat, but due to a job promotion, I'll now have to travel a bit. Not that often, but it will happen. Would someone know any guardians where she would be looked after in a clean and friendly environment?

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Sadly the horse which kept company to my friend's Haflinger horse died a few days ago. Now she's looking for another horse (to take care of or to buy) to keep her horse company in an open stable with meadow in Merl. Alternatively she's looking for another open stable (with other horses) as her horse can't be kept alone nor does he like to be in a closed box. Preference to surroundings of Luxembourg town. Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks.

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Found black and white cat near the church in Bereldange. "Old" female very affectionate. She was really very hungry. Where should I go ? Is there any specific animal refuge or rescue centre in my area?

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Hi, Could someone let we know what to do. My pet (Tommy, a lovely German Shepherd) is now coming along with us from Brittany next February . Vaccination and tattoo... FG

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I would like to find a new home for a 7-year old Flanders Bouvier. She is very affectionnate, but blind. She loves being on her own or with other quiet animals. The current owners are leaving Luxembourg mid-December and cannot bring her with them. Microchipped. All vaccines and pet passport available. Picture on request.

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