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Are there any English speaking sports clubs, in particular rugby and swimming for teenagers to join? 

started by: Quattro870 · last update: 1636365381 · posted: 1364931826

Hello - We're looking for youth football for our 2 sons, ages 4 and 6.  Are there any options other than the Soccer Soccer program at ISL?  We live in Cents and would prefer to stay in and around Lux City if possible.   Looking for programs that provide weekend practices and ideally allow children to start mid-season.   Thanks!

started by: shudairell · last update: 1627240770 · posted: 1625949061

42 years old male is looking for a kizomba dance partner. I am used to dance other types of dances (salsa, bachata), but I would like to have a partner to start learning kizomba. Please get in touch if you are interested. Shudairell

started by: matsbror · last update: 1621924932 · posted: 1406280423

We are moving to Luxembourg in September and wonder if you know of a Team Gymnastics (TeamGym) club for our daughters to join. Read more about TeamGym here: http://www.ueg.org/en/teamgym/ueg Any pointers would be appreciated.

started by: joshishant · last update: 1618140140 · posted: 1392543671

Hello all, I have recently started working in Luxembourg and am a badminton enthusiast. I play moderate club level Badminton and will be interested to know if there are any places which facilitate playing over the weekends specially. Also what are the charges for playing for say about 2 hours at a time? Any information is much appreciated. Also if there are any players already playing at certain time,  I will be very much keen to join.

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Hello, I have an extra ticket for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone™ - IN CONCERT on Saturaday 28th at the Rockhal. I bought it at 84,00 euro(zone, g, row 19), I sell it for 60,00. If anyone is interested please contact me soon.

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Hi there,Recently moved to Lux and looking for a daytime running club for beginners. Ideally something for new mums - maybe something like buggyfit? Can anyone help?

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I can recommend horse riding lessons in English at My Other Riding School in Capellen.  Lovely atmosphere, adorable horses and friendly staff that are also competent and place great importance on the care and wellbeing of the horse.  Students should be ages 10 or more.  Possibilities exist to take a school horse in half pension but not essential.  Contact either Nadia (nadia.hernandez.p@gmail.com)  or Carine (carinebabut@hotmail.fr) Also consult the website here www.myotherridingschool.com.

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Hi!I'm studying Tourism Mangement in Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences in Finland. I'm working on my bachelor thesis about boosting digital marketing for a small family-held B&B here in Finland. They would love to attract more tourists coming from Luxembourg to stay in their lovely B&B. I'd need to interview inhabitant of Luxembourg about culture in Luxembourg, social media and travelling. Interview can be done by email (a questionnaire) or via Skype. What's just most suitable for you!If you would like to help me, please contact me. :)Email: G3591@student.jamk.fiSkype username: lillisofia92Thank you! :)

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Anyone knows of a futsal team where english speaking players are welcome?

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Hello, I just moved to Luxembourg a couple of months ago and brought my mountain bike with me so i can enjoy my favourite hobby. As a result i am intrested to meet people with the same hobby (mountain biking) who can show me the surroundings and different off road trails. If you know a forum or a website where people organize such expeditions plese let me know. Or if you are like me and don't know much about Luxembourg leave me a message and maybe we can organise an expedition.  Thank you in advance Alex  

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Hi everyone, does someone know if there is a Bernina shop in Luxembourg? I urgently need to by a foot controller for the machine, mine arrived broken with ebay!! Many thanks for your replies

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Hi all Are there any gyms in / around the Hamiulus area I've just started working there and need somewhere I can get to at lunch  / before work, preferably lunch time though - none of th eones i've seen in the gym section here seem to be local   Any help appreciated

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Hello all Does anyone know of any recreational football, 5/7 aside that goes on in Luxembourg, anything like a weekly powerleague setup? I know that might be a bit ambiitous 11 aside is good too   Thanks!

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I see President Putin has suggested it!! Is he serious??

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Hello, does anyone have an idea where in Luxembourg would be the best place to look for a workout bench? Are there any stores with sports equipment? Or do you know, perhaps, any online sports stores that enable shipping to Luxembourg? Thanks in advance.

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Hello, I am trying to to do a head start on the various clubs practising Judo here in Luxembourg. I have found some of them, and their sites, trying to email them. Does anyone have any tips or point me to the right direction. I am practising Judo for almost 10 years, brown belt (amateur adult) and I am trying to find an adult's club nearby. Unfortunately my french are not very good at the time being. Any help or tips? My Main findings at the time being are 1- http://www.judoluxembourg.lu/ 2- http://www.luxjudo.com/ Thanks for your help

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hi there does anyone know where i can get a treadmill repaired? thanks anuph

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Hello, I am looking for a tennis trainer for two children (not English mother tongue) for two weeks (2/3 hours per day) during the summer (last week of July and first of August) in Luxembourg. Thank you

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CyclistForum Luxembourg is an on-line community for and by the seriously committed road cyclists in and around Luxembourg! The scope of the website is to operate as a forum and above all as an on-line marketplace for good quality second-hand cycling equipment, ranging from complete bikes to saddles or bottle cages that have been sitting in your garage for too long. Please visit us and register to make us of the forum. CyclistForum Luxembourg goes live per 1 January 2015!

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