Team gymnastics?

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We are moving to Luxembourg in September and wonder if you know of a Team Gymnastics (TeamGym) club for our daughters to join. Read more about TeamGym here: Any pointers would be appreciated.


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My daughter loves going to Rythmocats


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Hi, I have been doing gymnastics for a long time, but over time I began to notice that my breathing is getting out of hand and my heart rate is increasing. How do you control such disruptions in your body?

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When it comes to health monitoring, blood pressure and regularity/irregularity of the heartbeat, it is impossible to do without the app to check heart rate . This app measures the interval between heartbeats and offers indicators for stress, energy and more. It's not something the doctor will ask for, but it's definitely helpful - I can track if I start the day rested if I'm tired during the day and need rest, and much more.

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