Where to buy a workout bench?

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Hello, does anyone have an idea where in Luxembourg would be the best place to look for a workout bench? Are there any stores with sports equipment? Or do you know, perhaps, any online sports stores that enable shipping to Luxembourg? Thanks in advance.


lux_interior 1373035793

If you have a car, then Decathlon in Terville (Thionville) or Saarlouis (next to Ikea).

www.decathlon.fr /.de

There are sports stores in Luxembourg like Intersport in Bertrange (near Toyota / Volvo) but you still need a car to get to them and they have half the range at twice the price compared to Decathlon.


maggie77 1373814120

Hi, what type of bench do you want ? my husband has a bench and weights which have hardly been used. If you would like more information and detailswe could send you an e.mail or talk to you on the phone. Please reply via Angloinfo



M4111 1373821123

@lux_interior Thanks, that was helpful, although after checking decathlon's stock online I decided not to buy it there.

@maggie77 Thanks for the offer, but I already ordered one online.

evanesse 1437395769

Here, check this one http://www.javateakoutdoorfurniture.com/products/benches/ this maybe the right place for you to buy those furniture you need.

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