Youth football in Lux?

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Hello - We're looking for youth football for our 2 sons, ages 4 and 6.  Are there any options other than the Soccer Soccer program at ISL?  We live in Cents and would prefer to stay in and around Lux City if possible.   Looking for programs that provide weekend practices and ideally allow children to start mid-season.   Thanks!


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Here are a few other options (from the Directory - see menu above):


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The normal Lux football clubs all have youth programs. My 9 y.o. son plays in the local village team.
Find your local team here:
The youth training sessions are usually Tues & Thurs pm, with matches in the weekend.

There's also a non-serious football session on Sunday mornings for younger children on the field above ISL (western end of rue Marquerite de Brabant). Starts at 11am. It's run by parents (mostly Swedish) and is free for any kids who want to come. Depending on the weather, 15 to 30 kids turn up, mostly primary school age. They do some training exercises then organise some matches. The youngest kids are seperated from the older ones.
Both my boys play there. It's probably not on this coming Sunday because of the school holidays.

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This may be helpfull.Contact them and vissite the event

CommunityPublished on 26.03.13 15:27 Luxembourg Worth


Summer sports event to bring all nationalities in Luxembourg together

''Rencontre des Nations'' will take place on June 16 at the Boy Konen sports complex in Cessange


City authorities have unveiled the programme of this year's event

Photo: Photothèque de la Ville de Luxembourg // Charles Soubry

(RM) Luxembourg City has unveiled the full details of this year's ''Rencontre des Nations'', a sports event celebrating the capital's diversity.

In its third edition, the ''Rencontre des Nations'' football tournament on June 16 aims to bring together Luxembourg residents from all 153 nationalities in the City.

Besides a football tournament held on the day at the Boy Konen sports complex in Cessange, event participants will also be able to take part in various sports workshops, see a variety of music and dance acts, and explore many different cultures and cuisines.

Registration is now open for people wishing to take part in the day's sports matches, as well as associations wanting to host an activity or stand.

Over 80 football teams and 20 beach soccer teams wanted

The football tournament is open to men and women and will be played with teams of six players, a goalkeeper and a reserve player. The matches will last between 15 and 30 minutes and each team can hold only four players of the same nationality.

The ''Rencontre des Nations'' will also feature a beach soccer tournament, allowing young people aged 10 to 12 years and those aged 13 to 17 years to participate in the sporting event in June.

According to local authorities, over 80 teams for the football tournament and 20 teams for beach soccer are currently recruiting, looking for motivated team members.

''Rencontre des Nations'' focuses on sports and cultural exchanges and reflects the desire of local authorities to promote integration and cooperation through sport and culture of many nationalities present on the territory of Luxembourg city.

Individuals or teams wishing to participate in the two tournaments as well associations wishing to propose an animation or stand are required to register online, by sending an email to or by fax (26 45 92 05) until June 12.

More information on ''Rencontre des Nations'' is available on

''Rencontre des Nations'

Wednesday 27 -3-2013

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Tell me, do you support bets on the results of youth tournaments? I have seen how this is done on the example of colleges and universities in Nigeria. You can look at the statistics here -  I mean only legally permitted bets and nothing else. I believe that this spurs interest in youth sports.

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thanks for the tips

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