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33 years old male is looking for a kizomba dance partner. I am used to dance other types of dances (salsa, bachata), but I would like to have a partner to start learning kizomba. Please get in touch if you are interested. Shudairell

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Hello - We're looking for youth football for our 2 sons, ages 4 and 6.  Are there any options other than the Soccer Soccer program at ISL?  We live in Cents and would prefer to stay in and around Lux City if possible.   Looking for programs that provide weekend practices and ideally allow children to start mid-season.   Thanks!

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Hello Everybody, I am an avid dancer and have found FlashDance Studio's dance classes quite inviting. I was wondering for anyone who knows about the company could tell me if they speak english or would you have to speak fluent Luxembourgish? Thanks Karen

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Hello, does anyone go fishing in Luxembourg? Where are the good places (lakes, rivers, fish-farms)? How do you get a license?  I would like to go fishing with my 6 year old son, so if anyone wants to sell simple fishing equipment I would be interested. Thanks

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I was wondering if there is any boxing club my nephew (14) could join in the Kirchberg/Sandweiler area. Not sure it's really what he wants to do althought he keeps coming back with this idea. I'm considering offering him a pass for a couple of months.

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Can anyone recommend a good tennis club near Strassen that can accomodate my fragile legs and grasp of the French? I dont have a car so would have to be accessible by public transport (preferably bus). I have previously played in social group sessions in the uk and play to a reasonable standard (I like to think somewhere between intermediate and club standard on a good day). I have played indoors at the arquebusiers and although the surface wasnt great its still my nearest but just wondered if there were any others out there in a similar position?

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Hi, does anyone know if anywhere is celebrating bonfire nght next weekend? I thought I'd posted this last night but can't see it so accept my appologies if this has posted twice.

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I've arrived in this town not long ago, and although I can see the value of working here from the family angle, without being too picky about the night life and all (it just ain't there, so don't look for it kinda thing), I'd still like to find a page or hotspot or some kinda gathering point for your regular sort of boys looking to grab a beer or 2 or 10 and shoot the shit as they say! Nah seriously, I mean, it just seems all so PC over here. Meetup, Angloinfo, and those few other expat site with more than 5 or so threads about Lux within the last 10 years seem just to talk about all sorts of "healthy" activities i.e. hicking, gardening, kids trips, skiings, horseriding getting the hell out of this pit for a couple of days etc etc kinda thing. What about just good 'ol bitching around a pint?? Surely there must be a fair amount of Expat guys and girls who just don't care about their reputation THAT MUCH and wouldn't mind a bit of binge drinking once in a while? An expat page with a few more cynical comments would be a start! Suggestions anyone? Stop trolling? :) Best AJ

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Hello all, My name is Tiago Madeira and I like to play football. Back home I used to play football with my friends once/twice a week as goalkeeper and since I moved to Luxembourg I didn't find a group of folks to play regularly. If you are looking for a Goalkeeper to play in 5 against 5 or 7 against 7 in Luxembourg city please let me know.My contacts:tiago_madeira@yahoo.com00352 691 330 088 Best regards,Tiago Madeira

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Is this showing in Lux at the moment or is it yet to be released?

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Hello! I live smack in the centre of the city and was hoping someone would have some tips on either the municipale or nationale library - any views or does one trump the other? Many thanks, Sham

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Tomorrow evening (19/05/2012) come cheer on the runners and watch the Champion's League final live screening at the Athénée de Luxembourg! Event lasts from 7pm to 11pm. For more information refer to our leaflet: http://bit.ly/KXGHQo

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if you are a girl/woman who likes dancing and want to improve her coordination, body awareness and shape, and you are free Tuesday evenings, try our dancing classes at Odeon, 10 rue Munchen-Tesch, Kirchberg, from 8pm. 8 EURs per class (with a 10-pass). for more info, write to thejourneytoithaca@gmail.com The Journey to Ithaca

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57 years old female is looking for a dance partner (rock 'n roll, salsa, swing and almost all other dances. I need to have a partner to practice, otherwise I am loosing it...Ginger621669917melodieneuve@yahoo.fr

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I am launching a leisure group in Luxembourg, for shared activities like dancing, walking, biking, hiking, cycling, sauna, cinema etc. Foundation meeting on coming Wednesday September 14th in Syren, 9 rue de Hassel, at 8 pm. You are most welcome to join!Ginger 621669917 or melodieneuve@yahoo.fr

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I am desperately looking for a dance partner to progress together, preferably rock 'n roll, salsa, but also most of all other social dances. Ginger 621669917 or melodieneuve@yahoo.fr

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I am a female (57 years old) and looking for a dance partner who likes rock 'n roll, salsa and all other dances. Ginger +352 621669917 or melodieneuve@yahoo.frI am also launching a leisure group in Luxembourg for dancing, walking, hiking, cycling, sauna etc.Same number.Moreover, I am launching a medicinal plant group to go out and find medicinal plants, then learn how to use them etc.Same number

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We are off next week for the Alps. :-) We've seen a couple of stores offering ski rental here in Luxembourg. Has anyone tried this and can someone explain me the benefits (I can't see any so far) of renting our equipment here rather than on arrival...

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I'm a personal trainer from Surrey. The question is, in Luxembourg is training in demand as much as its in the UK and the States?

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I've got a iPhone and also bought a mac. Just setting up a web site using iweb that I'd like to publish. iWeb suggests 'mobile me'. Having read the ad, it looks like it provides many more services. Apart from publishing my site, what else does it offer considering I already sync my iphone and my mac for emails, contacts and calendar? Isn't it redundant?

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