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My daughter (22) is on an internship for 6 months so cannot afford the private club in Sandweiler. Any one else got ideas? Ideally she would like to find a partner (medium/good level) to play with as a regular guest in Luxembourg City area if that is possible.

started by: bev1972 · last update: 1288560614 · posted: 1288560614

Hi, does anyone know if there are any bonfires next weekend? thanks, Bev

started by: hullahop · last update: 1288446353 · posted: 1288349986

Perhaps a bit early but just for planning purpose: are there municipal activities during the xmas season such as Xmas market etc? And when does it start?

started by: bev1972 · last update: 1284586726 · posted: 1284414365

Can anyone help me find somewhere to watch the above match in English this weekend please, preferably in the Strassen area ! My husband is a massive Liverpool fan and is driving me nuts !

started by: Vikko · last update: 1284199059 · posted: 1283586780

Hi. I am looking for a good deal for a package to Euro Disney. Accommodation and disney passes. Any recommendations? Vikki 621 586 291

started by: The Expatresse · last update: 1283076340 · posted: 1282910458

Does anyone know if there is somewhere to take art classes in Luxembourg? I am especially interested in lampwork (making glass beads).

started by: Betty-5430 · last update: 1280135431 · posted: 1278855403

What would you recommend? Looking for a cool place to go, whether a pool or a lake, where it's not too crowdy to enjoy (?) this hot summer week...

started by: gill-5436 · last update: 1278960684 · posted: 1278960684

Has anyone ever experienced the 14th July in France? Just wondering if it's worth going to Thionville or Metz?

started by: gign · last update: 1278521442 · posted: 1278521442

Hi, Holidays coming soon. Does anyone know of a good -if any- suitcase repair service in Luxembourg.Nothing major, it just needs a new wheel, and I'd rather avoid to send it back to the manufacturer (Delsey). Thanks

started by: pdb-5247 · last update: 1278267631 · posted: 1278157377

We would like to go and watch the Tour de France stage finishing in Spa. Because we think it might not be recommended to drive there although not that far away, we couldn't find so far any transport alternative. Train seems to be a no-option. Any idea? (please don't suggest to cycle...)

started by: sunrise-5445 · last update: 1277502011 · posted: 1277286649

Looking for a drama school for my 7 year old. English-speaking prefered but could be in French.Thanks.

started by: Betty-5430 · last update: 1276947333 · posted: 1276818524

Would someone know a good place where we can do summer water activities such as canoeing or nautical skying? or introduction course to scuba diving - adults and children.Thanks B-

started by: bbq-5230 · last update: 1276871417 · posted: 1276787715

Anyone know if there are any pubs or bars showing the footie during the world cup, with a bit more such as special food or live music from the countries involved?

started by: vitafit · last update: 1276187589 · posted: 1276176081

Hi, Are there specific requirements to fish lakes (Wiltz?) and fishing permits only for rivers. Annual licence or one day passes? Any help and tips welcome.

started by: lielie · last update: 1275900518 · posted: 1275851587

Hi, Does anyone know of a social cycle/mountain bike group to join that speaks English ?

started by: kuala · last update: 1273567644 · posted: 1272621768

I am tempted to have a go at the ING semi-marathon. Has anyone ever tried it? I am actually a bit concerned if we have to go up and down, especially from the Petrusse valley.

started by: strass8008 · last update: 1273332560 · posted: 1261994063

Is there any caving club in Luxembourg ? Can't find one.

started by: magnet-5236 · last update: 1273332365 · posted: 1271061146

I will be moving in the area next month! I can't survive a weekend without being in the nature, I was wondering if someone could give me some ideas about where to go, clubs in the region etc? All information welcome! Thanks!

started by: Bill-5160 · last update: 1271426319 · posted: 1271426319

With the nice weather coming back (well, let's hope it will last) what would you recommend? Looking for a nice outdoor public swimming pool!

started by: bbq-5230 · last update: 1270839005 · posted: 1270839005

I'm looking for beginner classes. Can anyone recommend me a golf school or coach?

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