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Hi,Nice weather is back and it's time to think about bicycles... I went to Belle Etoile where they have a second hand sale this week, but I'd like to compare with new ones' prices. I'm not looking for a top of the range bicycle, but something fairly priced - still good quality that won't let me down before the summer. Any idea?

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Has anyone already used Mondorf thermal centre? Is it on prescription only and what can we do? I am looking for relaxation and some diet. I'm not overweighted, but hmmm... always good to loose a few kilos especially the post-natal gain.

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I'm trying getting BBC / ITV etc. on the internet (other than BBC via cable). I get a notice saying ''not available outside UK'.' Do Do you have a solution or should I buy a dish and decoder?

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The wheather looks perfect for skiing! Any suggestions where to ski in or around Luxembourg (with possibilities to hire equipment)?

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Do locals do something special for carnival as in Germany? And where to go? I am looking for something fun but not to crowdy. And if possible a bit cultural, so not only massive binge drinking!

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Where can we play bowling and is it expensive over here? Also looking for a few partners.

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I am new to Luxembourg and should move in Eischen next week. Are there english-speaking cinemas in Arlon or is Luxembourg the only option?

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Anyone knowi of a sudoku club organising competitions? Also interested in scrabble. In or around Luxembourg city.

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I am looking for venues in or around Luxembourg that put on small classical music concerts.

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I am looking for a nice gym preferably open early morning. Are there english-speaking personal coaches/trainers ?

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