The powers of the magician

17th November 2019 3:04pm - 4:00pm
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The new magic comedy by Manu MOLINERO

"Manu, great magician artist, starts his show when, suddenly, his powers disappear!
He then calls on his Master of Magic who tells him the path to follow to find them. The children will help him in his quest by reminding him of the main qualities to have to be a "Great" magician again!
How will he do it? Will he know how to apply the advice of the children and his Master?
Answer in this family show of theatrical magic where interaction with the public, humor, suspense, great illusion, mentalism, music and some values ​​of life take precedence ...
To the delight of the children and their parents! "

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595, rue de ,

17th November 2019 3:04pm - 4:00pm