Helena Waldmann

from May 9th 2017 to May 9th 2017


With Made in Bangladesh Helena Waldmann was guest last in 2014 in Luxembourg. In 2017 the Berlin choreographer devotes herself to a further aspect of globalization with Good Passes Bad Passports.

At the center of the play - and equally central on the stage - is a wall of people who separate two dance ensembles. The essence of the frontier, on the one hand the striving for foreclosure, on the other hand the longing to overcome divisive, these are the themes which are dances here. The title "Good Passports" Bad passports refer to asymmetric travel: While Germans or Luxembourgans can travel to many countries of the world without their visas, the return to refugees or migrants is increasingly blocked.

Where: Grand Theatre de la Ville

When: 9th May 2017 starting at 20:00.