Yoga La Source: Kundalini & Chakras: How to Awaken the Energy Within

from Oct 20th 2017 to Oct 22nd 2017


One of the essential teachings of Yoga is that we are potentially divine. ‘Kundalini’ is the name of the limitless divine potential within us. This divine potential within us is dormant and needs to be awakened to realize our full potential and live a life of peace and enlightenment. Kundalini Yoga is the sacred spiritual science that teaches us about the Kundalini energy, its essential nature as well as how to awaken it. Kundalini Yoga, just like other paths of Yoga, goes back to the Upanishads and Vedas.

In this sequence of sessions, we delve into the divine Kundalini Energy Herself, different movements of the Kundalini as well as some practices to awaken the Kundalini. We also learn about some lesser known chakras as well as take a look at how the zodiac signs influence the Chakras. Last but not least, Chakra cleansing through the sacred sounds of Sitar in the form of Nada Yoga brings the series to a close.

The complete introduction comprises 5 sessions, 1 on Friday evening, 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Delegates may attend individual sessions. Please refer to the website for full details.

Teacher: Ram Vakkalanka

Location: Bereldange. With heated wood floors, high ceilings and a view of the gardens, Club Haus am Becheler's "salle polyvalente" is a quiet and idyllic place for our yoga classes.

When: Friday October 20th at 18:30 to Sunday 22nd at 17:00.