Brit-pop, hiphop and the hits of Supertramp and Chicago at the “Night of the Proms 2017”

14th December 2017 6:30pm - 15th December 2017 12:00am

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Roger Hodgson, former vocalist with Supertramp, Peter Cetera former singer and bass player of Chicago, Melanie C, Culcha Candela, John Miles and Emily Bear are the performers at this year’s Night of the Proms2017.

It is not only the mix of classical and pop music which makes the Night of the Proms an outstanding show, but also the audience which is as varied as the programme itself. On stage and in front of it, everything merges into a single composition, which guarantees a great atmosphere in the audience and makes the evening an unforgettable pleasure.

This year, the organizer is highlighting the classics which have passed the test of time and entirely new pieces with a mix of rock and pop. With his unique falsetto voice, with which he has transformed songs such as “Breakfast in America”, “It’s Raining Again”, “Dreamer” and “Logical Song” into global hits, the former Supertramp vocalist Roger Hodgson guarantees there will be goose bumps at the Night of the Proms 2017. Although Roger Hodgson only needs a guitar or a piano to delight a packed house, he will perform the best-known songs of Supertramp accompanied by a symphony orchestra.

With Peter Cetera, the Night of the Proms presents an artist after 30 years back on stage with his famous songs.

The career of Peter Cetera is divided into 2 main periods. From 1968 to 1985, as the singer and bass player of the legendary american band "Chicago", he left his imprint on music with hits like, "If you leave me now", "Glory of Love "," Hard to say I’m sorry " or " You re the inspiration ". During the second part of his career, he made a deep impression by appearing on the soundtracks of movies as "Karate Kid 2" or "Pretty Woman".

Melanie C will also enhance this year’s show mixing classical and pop music. The British performer (42), who broke all the records in the Nineties as a member of the group The Spice Girls and sold more than 100 million albums, will perform the greatest successes of her solo career with symphonic accompaniment at the Night of the Proms. Hits such as “Never be the Same Again”, “I Turn to You” and the duet with Bryan Adams “When You’re Gone”, released in 1998, are all on the programme.

For the first time, the Night of the Proms presents Culcha Candela, a multicultural group of musicians which mixes genres on stage and regularly produces hits which are constantly to be heard on the radio. This year, Culcha Candela will transform the Night of the Proms into a huge festival. With successes like “Monster” and “Hamma”, the four musicians from four continents prove that their mix of reggae, dancehall and hiphop can transform entire arenas into sparkling parties.

They will be brilliantly accompanied by Alexandra Arrieche, who will conduct the orchestra in some extraordinary performances.

The youngest artist to take part in the Night of the Proms will demonstrate her incredible talent as a classical pianist. Emily Bear, who will be 16 years old in the summer, has performed on stage since she was five and has already experienced more than a classical musician would normally live through in their entire career. She has played at the Carnegie Hall, in the White House, at the Montreux Jazz Festival, at Blue Note and even in the Hollywood Bowl. As she is just as at home in jazz and pop as in classical music, we can expect something very special indeed.

Of course, again this year John Miles, one the pillars of the festival tour who has known the greatest success in Europe, will be in attendance. John Miles, who not only provided the anthem of Night of the Proms with his hit “Music (was my first love)”, shows his great musical talent on piano and guitar. His performances of famous rock and pop numbers, on which he leaves his own unique mark, regularly arouse great audience acclaim.

·         Doors open 18.30

·         Concert starts 20.00


·         CARRE D’OR (€ 239)

o   Reserved place in the Carré d’Or

o   Parking

o   Separate access, VIP entrance

o   Cloakrooms

o   Hostess service

o   Gastronomic buffet from 18.00, prior to the show (drinks included) in our Restaurant La Coquille

o   Access to the VIP LOUNGE during the break and after the show.

·         VIP LOUNGE (€ 189)

o   Reserved place in the VIP LOUNGE

o   Premium seat (best view of the stage)

o   Access to the VIP LOUNGE (open from 18.30 pm, during the break and after the show)

o   Separate access, VIP entrance

o   Cloakrooms

o   Hostess service

o   Catering before and after the show (drinks included)

·         - Seats from € 59 to € 119

Tickets on sale in the reception of d’Coque and online via website.

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2, rue Léon Hengen

14th December 2017 6:30pm -
15th December 2017 12:00am