AI for everyone: understanding and profiting

14th November 2019 8:30am - 11:30am

Event Details

Understand concretely what is the AI, whatever your profession, without prior technical knowledge.

Discover practical applications and prepare for changes in our daily life and work, today and for the future.

Addressed points

  • Game: Predict against the machine
  • The AI: operation and examples
  • Set up, common mistakes and best practices
  • Impacts on the jobs of tomorrow
  • To go further, AI and ethical issues

Why this training?

For several years, terms formerly reserved for specialists ("digital", "artificial intelligence", "data", "robotization", ...) have caused many inks to flow and generate fantasies, fears and even fatalities.

The pressure is such that we sometimes feel obliged to know them, but have not managed to understand them well: it is above all means, we start to discover and whose scope on the changes of tomorrow is still unknown.

Knowing is the beginning of action, that's why we designed this module: so that everyone can know enough to measure at the individual level threats and real opportunities, and to act at the collective level and become actors of the transformations current and future.

We chose to start with Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is at the heart of these new tools and the concerns they raise.

Teaching method

We offer a mix of concepts and interactive examples and hands-on exercises for an instructive, useful and enjoyable moment.

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Event Location

Park Inn by Radisson Luxembourg City
45-47 Avenue de la Gare L-1611

14th November 2019 8:30am - 11:30am