MADE iN Sainte-Marie Lyon

Our Higher Education Institution MADE iN Sainte-Marie Lyon offers different Bachelors and Masters in Management, Art, Design, Communication, Entrepreneurship in French and English.

We offer 3 English track programmes in Management and one English track Bachelor of Arts in integrated design. Successful students obtain a British degree from Coventry University and are prepared to get into prestigious business or arts schools or to enter the world of work.

Programmes are full-time and demanding. Teaching methods include lectures, seminars, practicals, events to organize, team projects and internships.

Why Join MADE iN an innovative school and a recognized academic institution ?

  • Students have several opportunities to meet and interact with professionals, businessmen and artists.
  • Foreign students receive special support from the whole team, from student buddies and from students’ associations.
  • Students spend most of their time in Lyon campus. Lyon is one of the most popular and amazing city for students. Part of our programmes take place at Coventry University, in the UK, or in other cosmopolitan campuses.
  • Non-French speaking students have special French courses organized during the academic year and can choose to take part in a special intensive French course with our partner Inflexyon before beginning their academic year.

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