Counselling & Therapists

Valerie Regembal
Clinical pyschologist offering counselling services to English speaking expats and their families in the Lyon area. Rooms located 35 rue Bataille, 69008 Lyon.
Lyon based life coach. Specialising in self-awareness through deep questioning of habits; Confidence and self-belief; Transitioning through promotion and career change; Work-life balance; Authentic communication in leadership roles. Contact Fariyal Wallez
Practical Solutions Counselling
Supportive counselling and psychological therapy for individuals, couples and families, and cultural coaching.
UDCF Therapy Center
Registered clinical psychologist, as well as accredited member of EFTA (European Family Therapy Association), with over 20 years of practice, I am an experienced bilingual therapist, providing individual, couple and family therapy.  Office located at...
Elizabeth Stone Matho
Psychotherapy and consultation for adults, children, adolescents and couples in English and French by experienced and licensed American psychoanalyst and art therapist. Located at: 1, rue Beyle-Stendhal, Grenoble (38).
Amber Woodward Kanza
Bilingual psychologist specialized in neuropsychology. Cognitive re-education and stimulation; IQ tests (children, adults); memory and concentration tests.
Artem Development Services
Mindful Meditation for individuals and groups up to 8. They are very efficient to learn dealing with depression. English and French available. Group sessions run in Francheville, and we can organize sessions in other locations. Call for group rates.
Enza Piazza Lamichel
Gestalt therapy and coaching offered by fully qualified practitioner in Lyon. Services for individuals or groups. Based in Lyon (69).
Dana Nelson
Individual, couples, and group counseling and psychotherapy services for English-speaking adults and adolescents. Specialize in working with expats, international students, and intercultural couples. Based in Lyon (69003). 
Antoine Duchon
English speaking clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. Working with children, teenagers and adults in private practice in the centre of Lyon.
Olivier Winghart
Bilingual psychotherapist offers psychotherapy, gestalt and EFT couples therapy for issues of difficulties in intimate relationships, issues of self-image and self-confidence.
Coherence Therapy & Counselling
Therapist combining transgenerational and prenatal therapies as well as gentle approaches to release stress and anxiety and heal from trauma and its impacts.
Alexandra Chomat
Full range of counselling services for international expats in the Lyon area. Services include sessions for children and couples. Based in Saint Genis Laval.
Jean Razous
Psychotherapy in Transactional analysis and systems theory.
Diane Webb
Fully qualified psychotherapist and coach with 30 years of experience. My private practice includes working with adults, children, couples and families in my offices in Lyon 8 & in Brignais where the emphasis is on trust, respect and quality...
Kwan-Yin Bruhl
Psychotherapy services and counselling for individuals, couples and families by fully qualified practitioner in Lyon (69).