Lawyers, Law Firms & Legal Advice

Thomas Halpern
Avocat specialising in criminal, civil and family matters. Based at 17, place Bellecour, Lyon (69).
Maitre Alice Dauphin
Full range of legal services for international expat clients in the Lyon area.
Soulier Avocats
International law firm specialising in all forms of law from family and property issues to tax and business matters. Based at 34 Quai Charles de Gaulle, Lyon (69).
Free mediation and legal information service run by English – speaking mediators. Based at Boutique de Droit, 45 rue Smith, Lyon (69).
French Lawyer specialized in International and Business Law. Based in Lyons third district.
Weckerlin Jean Baptiste
Lawyer specialising in criminal law, business and family issues. Based at 86 rue Paul Bert, Lyon (69).
Cabinet Lelong & Pollard
Large Legal company specialising in all types of family, business, corporate, tax and inheritance laws. Based at 49 rte de Saint-Paul, Montelimar (26).
Robert Henri
Law firm specialising in family and business law. Based at 2 Bis Rue Fontenille, Roanne (42).
Maitre Segolene Duchez
Lawyer specialising in criminal and family law. Also recovery of compensation for victims of crime. Based at 17 rue Dunoir, Lyon (69)
Blum & de Carlan Avocats
Full range of legal services to international expat companies in the Lyon area. Based at 131 Boulevard Stalingrad, Villeurbanne (69).
Law firm specialising in all types of law issues from commercial to family and criminal. Based at 3 place Verrazzano, Lyon (69).
Isabelle Beck
Lawyer specialising in personal and family law including divorce and issues relating to children. Based at 39 rue Pierre Baratin, Villeurbanne (69)
Bouzerda Fouziya
Lawyer specialising in Business and commercial law. Based at 15 rue des Rancy, Lyon (69).
Remy Landreau
English speaking notaire & legal services dealing with issues relating to inheritance issues, all property transactions, marriage and divorce issues, adoption and organisation of estates, Based at 12 Boulevard Francois Reymond, St Priest (69).
Cabinet Gabet - Avocat
Using a high level of English our firm will assist you in all the legal aspects of your life in Lyon, France (family, work, real estate, company law) We advise and defend your interests. Quality, professional French legal advice in English.
Tim Hughes
English solicitor in Lyon specialising in assisting companies and individuals with their French legal issues. Services include the creation and administration of companies in France, employment law, Property matters and issues regarding wills and estates.
Landwell & Associates
Corporate Law firm in Lyon and members of the international PwC network. Our professional services include business law, taxation, mergers and acquisitions and employment law. Our expertise is offered to all sized businesses in the Rhone Alpes.
Barthelemy-Bansac Malika
Lawyer specialising in family law, employment and labour laws. Based at 57 rue Edouard Herriot, Lyon (69).
Michalon Philippe
Lawyer specialising in business and corporate law, criminal, family and employment issues. Based at 9 bd. Eugene Deruelle, Lyon (69).
Mounier Jean-Pierre
Criminal and business lawyer specialising in highways and road traffic offences. Based at 77 rue Duquesne, Lyon (69)
Besnard Bertrand - International Business Lawyer
French  bilingual lawyer specialized in International and Business Law. Also provides legal assistance to foreigners based in Lyon and France.Besnard Avocat Law firm helps foreign companies and foreigners with their business and/or litigation in Fran...
Simon Wesley Avocats
English lawyer specialising in international commercial contracts and litigation, legal aspects of foreign business start-up in France, employment law, and property and succession matters. Based at 5 Allée de Bretagne, Lyon (69).
ABG Elvire Gravier - Claude Gravier
Company of Lawyers specialising in all types of criminal, financial, business and family law. Based at 2 Place du Presidial, Valence (26).
Levy-Roche-Lebel et Associes
Company of Lawyers specialising in personal and commercial law. Areas of expertise include divorce, debt recovery, inheritance and property issues. Based at 235 crs Lafayette, Lyon (69)
MDL Societe dAvocats
Specialist law company specialising in litigation inTax Law, Corporate and Business Law. Services include International Taxation, Drafting commercial contracts and wealth management. Based at 75 Cours Emile Zola - Immeuble Le Quartz, Villeurbanne (69)
Bignon Lebray Avocats
Avocats providing a full range of legal services to international expats in the Lyon area. Based at 30, rue de la République, Lyon (69).
Cabinet Le Clercq
Law company specialising in business, labour and employment laws. Based at 119 bd. de la Corniche Valence (26).