PC, Mac & Computer Sales & Rentals

Saturn - Carre de Soie
Multimedia store selling computers and hardware, CDs, DVDs, video games and most other electrical goods. Carre de Soie, 2 rue Jacquard, Vaulx en Velin (69).
Fnac Lyon Part-Dieu
Large multimedia shop selling computers mp3 players, CDs, DVDs and video games. Centre Commercial Part-Dieu, Lyon (69).
Fnac Saint-Etienne
Large chain of French multimedia shops selling most makes and types of computers and hardware, CDs, DVDs, and computer games as well as concert tickets. Centre commercial Dorian, 16, rue Louis Braille, Saint-Etienne (42)
Large store selling flat pack furniture, beds, sofas, kitchens and all electrical goods including computers, tvs, white goods and multimedia products. Stores all over the Rhone Valley see website.
Suppliers of desktop and laptops with windows in English and with QWERTY keyboards. Based near Lyon (69).
Saturn - Lyon
Large French multimedia shop selling most electrical goods including computers and hardware, cds, dvds, games and Tvs. 6 Place des Cordeliers, Lyon (69).
Fnac Lyon Bellecour
French multimedia retailer selling computers and hardware, cds and dvds and video games. 85, rue de la Republique, Lyon (69).
Large home improvement store supplying and installing kitchens, flat pack furniture, beds, Electrical white goods, computers, Tvs and multimedia. Stores all across Rhone Valley see website.
Chain of multimedia stores selling computer systems laptops and hardware. Also sells some office consumables and equipment. STores all over the Rhone Valley see website
ASAP Graphic
Company specialising in the sale of computer systems and software for business and home. Full training courses available. 66 che des Joncheres, Charnay les Macon (69).
Fnac Valence
Multimedia store selling computers and hardware, CDs, DVDs, video games, books and concert tickets. Centre commercial Victor-Hugo, 17 avenue Victor-Hugo, Valence (26).