Schools & International Schooling

English speaking schools for expat families in Lyon. International and bilingual schools, nursery and secondary schools with English speaking programs leading to the International Baccalaureate.

Assomption Bellevue
Private Catholic school with international section.
Pécole Montessori de Lyon
Private international school in the heart of Lyon with bilingual curriculum in French and English.
West Point
Bilingual nursery and primary school offering pupils from ages 2-11 years the chance to study in both French and English.
International School of Lyon
Private international school for children from primary age through to secondary school with all abilities catered for.
Le Petit Monde
Private bilingual school in Lyon with English, German and Italian sections.
Fénelon-La Trinité
Offers a comprehensive academic trajectory which allows English-speaking children aged 6 to 18.
International private bilingual nursery and primary school. Based in a countryside setting.
Cite Scolaire Internationale
International school in Lyon with an English section. Provides a bilingual education for international expat children aged 6 to 18.
Ecole Centrale de Lyon
School with large international section specializing in science and engineering.
Ombrosa International School
Private bilingual international school which operates in the French national system of education.