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Operating an independant business teaching... 0 Families & Kids
English Canteen specialises in the sale of comprehensive start-up business packages. Our packages are created
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... 0 Home & Garden
Hello I am a qualified builder, plumber, gas technician and limited electrical professional looking for work both l
started by: Leon-Freeman-869051 · last update: 1494416062 · posted: 1494416061
... 3 General
We recently moved to a villiage pretty much half way between Lyon and Grenoble, near Bourgoin Jaillieu. We were won
started by: BeeinFrance · last update: 1493904687 · posted: 1456345789
English speaking orthophoniste 15 Families & Kids
Hi,  my sons teacher has asked me to have him tested for dyslexia.  Does anyone know of an English speaki
started by: Karenina-597664 · last update: 1487251003 · posted: 1359418779
Lawyer insurance claims experience 0 Financial & Legal
Hello,Can anyone recommend a good lawyer with knowledge of the insurance laws, and experience of dealing with insur
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English speaking Midwife / Sage Femme 11 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello, I am starting a new post. There was a similar post from 2013 from a fellow angloinfo member who was looking
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... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello everyone,I've been going back and forth between France and UK for a few years now...but have always "official
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i just ordered a full SKY package for £30... 0 Entertainment
i just ordered a full SKY package for £30 p/monthHere in France, it was so easy and the company seem very helpfuli
started by: dave -batty-878423 · last update: 1479650939 · posted: 1479650939
Accountant to File US taxes 0 Financial & Legal
Hello, Does anyone have a recommendation of an accountant or accounting firm to file my taxes in the US while
started by: jer-bur-875578 · last update: 1479302600 · posted: 1479302600
Bank Accounts (Self Employed) 2 Financial & Legal
Hi Everyone,Would love some first hand information on setting up a bank account in France? We are both self employe
started by: LIZZIE YOGA LYON · last update: 1478868519 · posted: 1478599884
Pregnancy yoga 4 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi all,Just wondering if anyone knows of any english speaking yoga classes on in the city. I am in the 5th but will
started by: triona-cox-868644 · last update: 1478866696 · posted: 1472919979
Best Mobile Phone Provider and Home Insurance... 4 General
Hi! We just moved to France and are wondering what mobile phone provider has the best coverage and rates for people
started by: Hilary and Michael Rowland · last update: 1477135863 · posted: 1471361684
... 0 Sport & Leisure
My daughter needs to carry on with lessons so were on the hunt for any stables with some English spoken if poss out
started by: Emma-Hunt-872706 · last update: 1477135769 · posted: 1477135769
Tennis 2 Sport & Leisure
Hi to all, Loving Lyon which seems to offer most things except tennis! Does anyone know where I can find any public
started by: Sarah-Jones-868566 · last update: 1477135634 · posted: 1472818839
English Speaking Hair Dresser in Lyon? 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Has anyone tracked one down in Lyon Centre or on Public transport routes? thanks for any tip offs as My French isn'
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Accommodation in Lyon for young person 1 AngloINFO Support
Hi there, I am moving to Lyon in October to be a teaching assistant for the next academic year. Although I hav
started by: Sarah-Baiden-867390 · last update: 1474451216 · posted: 1471717737
Looking for a nanny in Lyon 5eme 0 Families & Kids
Hello, We're a family with 2 kids (6 and 4) looking for a caring nanny to pick up the kids after school at 4:30 pm,
started by: MariePerrine · last update: 1473456634 · posted: 1473456634
New Specialty Coffee Roaster Opened 1 General
Hi Guys My name is James fromSydney, Australia. I have been traveling around Europe for about 2 years beforese
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English-speaking vet in the city 1 Pets & Animals
Hello, can anyone help me with recommendations for a vet who speaks English? In the deuxieme or cinquieme would be
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BREXIT 0 General
This is a new group set up regarding BREXIT called RIFT - Remain in France together and has some very good informat
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