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Any English speaking people in Anneyron or... 1 AngloINFO Support Started by: Nastasia-Iskandarova-Khazzaka-954986 · Updated: 1581021339 · Created: 1581021279
Hello, I would like to find some dangling people around Anneyron or chanas as I’ve just moved in recently and would be
Literature 0 General Started by: Ozge-Kiner-950388 · Updated: 1575225027 · Created: 1575225027
Hi,Since there is no topic for literature, I dare to open a discussion for. Is there any literature workshops in Lyon? O
English Speaking Church Services 5 General Started by: Katie-596555 · Updated: 1574983068 · Created: 1281014007
Hi does anyone have any information relating to these in Lyon. Someone told me the The Basillca at the top of Fouviere h
Static Holiday Homes in the UK open 11months 0 General Started by: chalky-483099 · Updated: 1560774855 · Created: 1560774855
Hi peeps,I know a lot of you fine people are now living in France, but do you sometimes get homesick and miss the great
Best Nursery in Lyon 1 Families & Kids Started by: Kali-Ryan-926315 · Updated: 1522278557 · Created: 1522278272
Anglophones in Villeurbanne? 0 General Started by: brit fitness · Updated: 1519224612 · Created: 1519224612
Hello I am new to Villeurbanne and trying to find more anglophones to make contact with.
Accomodation in Lyon in a French Family 0 AngloINFO Support Started by: catherine-HERNANDEZ-920733 · Updated: 1517056159 · Created: 1517056159
We could rent or lend a part of our house ( independant appartement) for several mounths for a native english speaker pe
house renting 0 Families & Kids Started by: catherine-HERNANDEZ-920733 · Updated: 1517005395 · Created: 1517005395
We are a familly living in Lyon. We could rent or lend a part of the house (independant appartment) to a native english
Logistics Consultancy Support on short terms... 0 Non-local Started by: Polycarp-Owot-919257 · Updated: 1515746461 · Created: 1515746461
Hello it has been a while since l visited Lyon 2013, i hope very much to offer Logistics consultancy support to any orga
Looking for a Babysitter after school 0 Families & Kids Started by: Sorina-Pop-909524 · Updated: 1505417432 · Created: 1505417432
Gabriel and Luca are 5 and 3 years old. We are looking for someone to pick them up at 4 o'clock at school, bring them ba
DIY Plumber 0 Home & Garden Started by: brit fitness · Updated: 1503668281 · Created: 1503668281
Climbing partner needed! 0 Sport & Leisure Started by: Skye -Blackwood-906881 · Updated: 1502292419 · Created: 1502292419
Hi there,My name is Skye and I'm an Australian student who will be moving to Lyon in September to study French. I'm an a
Looking for American Student who knows well... 0 General Started by: tommy2134-597050 · Updated: 1501939038 · Created: 1501939038
For translating a comics book 32 pages from french to english. I am looking for someone who uses to read american comics
Financial Advisors 0 Financial & Legal Started by: PeterFG · Updated: 1500575550 · Created: 1500575550
Rental Property Bourgoin-Jallieu 0 Home & Garden Started by: Joanne -Tinsley -880480 · Updated: 1499407787 · Created: 1499407786
Hello we're a family of 3 looking for a long term rental within 20 minutes of Bourgoin-Jallieu. We're looking for a hous
Operating an independant business teaching... 0 Families & Kids Started by: HelenBergevin · Updated: 1494916926 · Created: 1494916924
English Canteen specialises in the sale of comprehensivestart-up business packages. Our packages are created for individ
Any English speakers living around Bourgoin-Jallieu? 3 General Started by: BeeinFrance · Updated: 1493904687 · Created: 1456345789
We recently moved to a villiage pretty much half way between Lyon and Grenoble, near Bourgoin Jaillieu. We were wonderin
English speaking orthophoniste 15 Families & Kids Started by: Karenina-597664 · Updated: 1487251003 · Created: 1359418779
Hi, my sons teacher has asked me to have him tested for dyslexia. Does anyone know of an English speaking orthophoniste
Lawyer insurance claims experience 0 Financial & Legal Started by: C-SMITH-892030 · Updated: 1485614934 · Created: 1485614934
Hello,Can anyone recommend a good lawyer with knowledge of the insurance laws, and experience of dealing with insurance
English speaking Midwife / Sage Femme 11 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: CasandJames · Updated: 1485009035 · Created: 1438010887
Hello, I am starting a new post. There was a similar post from 2013 from a fellow angloinfo member who was looking for a