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We could rent or lend a part of our house ( independant appartement) for several mounths for a native english speaker person; Otherwise, we speak in English with the familly when we meet together.

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Hi there, I am moving to Lyon in October to be a teaching assistant for the next academic year. Although I have lived in France before (my accommodation was provided) Lyon is a much bigger place so navigating accommodation is slightly different. I am looking for somewhere to stay for about 8+ months and apart from appartager I don't really know where else to look. I do not know whether to trust leboncoin as everyone says it is the French equivalent of craigslist which I wouldn't use myself. Is leboncoin a good website to use? Could someone give me some advise on how to secure long term accommodation and avoid any bad landlords. Alternatively as I will be a teaching assistant I wouldn't mind living with a small family, perhaps not as an au pair but just as a lodger. Does anyone know specific websites just for people looking to be lodgers as well? Looking for some help as time is ticking and only recently found out I got this job.  

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Hello! This may be a shot in the dark but... I am seeking an alternative, holistic program (for myself/adults) to learn natural approaches to therapy. This can be energy work, talk therapy, psychotherapy, transpersonal therapy, counselling, etc. I woud like a small school, in which I can obtain a certificate, or a degree, though most important is a reputable education. Any thoughts or suggestions of where to look? The google search is a bit endless, I sure could use some direction :) Thanks much!

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Are there any post-middle-age English speakers here in Lyon? Most of AngloInfo seems to be oriented towards students and young families. I'm in my mid-sixties (female from the San Francisco area) and would love getting together with some good-humored peers as I get to know this place. I arrived the end of June, and will leave the beginning of August.Thanks. RJ

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