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I am moving back to UK from S.France, need budget ideas to get my stuff back there (no furniture). Would all fit in a Mercedes sprinter 311 CDi  for example. So far one way hire is £2000+Crazy price!

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Hi all Does anyone know of a French/English speaking driving instructor? I need to get my French licence and I can't change it over because I'm outside the exchange window. I can speak French well enough, but driving is not a time I want to find out that I don't understand something! Anyone know of someone? I'm in 8em, but don't mind travelling... Thanks B  

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Hi , Does anyone know of any off site parking at Lyon St Exupery airport? I looked and it seemed expensive to leave my car there for 3 weeks so looking at cheaper alternatives! Thanks!!!

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Hello My family and I are visiting Lyon for a few days.  Today we went to Bellecour and we parked the car in a payant car parking space, which cost us 5 euros.  When we returned before our allotted time had expired, we found a small green piece of paper on the windscreen.  It said that 'Une infraction a la reglementation du stationnement a ete relevee a votre encontre.'  Please could someone tell me what this ticket is for and, if there is a fine payable, what sort of amount will this be? Many thanks.  

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Does anyone have any experience of renting a car for 6 months? I am trying to find the cheapest option for a reliable little car. Our official "home" residence will still be the UK and we will be staying in a gite for about 6 months. Thanks in advance! 

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Hi we have broken down in Lyon on a Valentine's / 20th Wedding Anniversary weekend away, and need to get the car back home to Libourne (or somewhere close). Can anyone help.  Our insurance covers getting us back  home, but not the car.  Any suggestions or referrals will be very welcomed. Thank you in advance.

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Hi anyone know if there is a bus sevice from the centre of Lyon to the airport which is a bit cheaper than the 30 euro return on the Rhone Express? Thanks for any tip offs!

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Hi anyone know if there is a bus sevice from the centre of Lyon to the airport which is a bit cheaper than the 30 euro return on the Rhone Express? Thanks for any tip offs!

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Hi Can anyone please tell me if there is a bus from La Croix Rousse to the airport?   thanks   Tony

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Hi, My husband and I arrived in Lyon in November and are really loving it. We are from Australia and we're interested in joining with Autolib or Bluely. Has anyone got any recommendations as to which one to join? Also, I noticed that Autolib has spots in Paris as well. Do the subscriptions apply to both cities? What are your preferences for car hire electric/non-electric? Cass

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Hi anyone know of a car storage facility around Lyon. Im not wanting a car park just storage thanks.

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  I've bought an UltIma 350, in with a job lot of other motorbikes. Having researched this particular model I've found that there's very little information available and there seem to be none on the market in France or anywhere else. I wondered if there is anyone out there who has come across this bike  in France and could possibly help with a valuation.  Many thanks 

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Hi Is it compulsory to change your drivers licence to a French one when you decide to reside in France full time, ie over 6 months of the year? Thanks for any advice as id hate to be driving ilegally.

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Hi and bonjour, I applied to exchange my English driving license for a French license over three months ago and I'm still waiting. Does anybody know if this is normal or not? Thanks.

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Looking for some advice on the best way of selling a right hand drive car in France.  We drove down to Lyon with our UK Kangoo, but don't want to keep it in France; as it's just been MOT'd, serviced and taxed for another 6 months, I was hoping I could find a source of people about to leave France to live in the UK who might be interested in buying a car that is ideal for loading up with boxes!  Does anyone have any tips on the best way of advertising it apart from Leboncoin?

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Hi, I have recently re-located from Spain where my UK car driving-licence (no motorbike licence) entitled me to ride a 125cc scooter. From what I can gather from the Internet, this is not the case here in France, and I would have to complete a 7 hour training-course in order to be allowed to ride the scooter under the priveleges of my UK car licence. Can anyone confirm that this is the case? If so, can anyone recommend anywhere in Lyon to complete the course? My French is pretty limited, so anywhere where a bit of English is spoken would be an added bonus. Thanks in advance for any advice. Rod.

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Hi I hold a Canadian drivers license, am i legal to drive in Lyon? Also as i dont want to trade for a French one will i have a problem obtaining French car insurance? Thanks for any help!

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Anyone know when they may be back in Lyon? I need to pick a friend up from the airport in September and would have liked to use this service! Thanks for any updates!

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Hi all, I am just travelling through Lyon en route to Prague and have had a transmission failure on my car. The car is a 2002 BMW530D that is in good shape otherwise. I need to find someone to buy it as soon as possible. It is not worth it to me to have it fixed, but it could be a great car for someone who has the tools or knowledge (or contacts) to get it repaired for less than they want at the BMW garage. Does anyone know of a mechanic or garage in the Lyon area that specializes in this type of thing? Thanks.

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Don't forget its now law to carry Breathalyzers in your car in Lyon and all parts of France!!!! http://lyon.angloinfo.com/countries/france/driving.asp Was already checked in a roadblock yesterday near Lyon, luckily had two!!!

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