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Doting Dad



Hi Is it compulsory to change your drivers licence to a French one when you decide to reside in France full time, ie over 6 months of the year? Thanks for any advice as id hate to be driving ilegally.


CampingGaz 1304028985

No. Not until the photocard needs renewing (or if you loose it, or the licence expires for another reason). You're then supposed to get a licence from wherever is your state of permanent residence at that point. But do make a note of the date your photocard expires since you won't get any reminders and once it expires you may not be able to exchange it in France.

Also if you commit a driving offence which involves the loss of points from a French licence the authorities can require you to change it. Real life experiences seem to vary, I've yet to hear of anyone who was asked to change it for a minor (1 point) offence.

andyh-596594 1304084787

You can get a French replacement for an expired photo licence but you will have to first get a certificate of driving entitlement from DVLA confirming which categories of vehicle you are still entiltled to drive. Of course in the mena time you would be driving illegally without a valid licence - or walking.

Easiest thing is probably to change it to a French one before it expires - but you may loose some entitlements or may need a medical to maintain them.

nicodeamous 1377602137

Interesting replies - I wonder how I am affected as I have never changed my UK driver licence to a photo licence and still have my original paper licence!


Does anyone know the position of the law on this one or am I also driving illegally?

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