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Hi I hold a Canadian drivers license, am i legal to drive in Lyon? Also as i dont want to trade for a French one will i have a problem obtaining French car insurance? Thanks for any help!


sophie.i 1349252499

Hi Richard,

I am also Canadian, and I was able to swap my Ontario drivers licence for a french one. You need an application from the prefecture and quite a few documents, including proof in the form of transcripts or something else to that effect, to prove you lived in Canada for the first 6 months of receiving your licence.... As long as it is done within the first year of being in France you should have no problem. I also did not have any problem with getting French insurance and actually got insurance on my international permit before the licence transfer. 

Hope this helps. 


MarLeTaureau 1349348867

This is good to know!  Thanks!  But the thing with the 6 months of receiving your license?  I got my licsnse in 2006...I don't have any piece of mail that says I lived there during that time.  What did you use to prove you lived there for the first 6 months of receiving your license? 




sophie.i 1349432702

Hi Marie,

I contacted my high school and had them reissue my transcripts. Slightly ridiculous but needed even though my driving abstract had every address I ever lived at in Canada. Part of the process I guess :)

Hope this helps


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