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I had a crash in Lyon at the end of September in my right hand drive Hyundai i10 (small car). I still haven't got it back from the garage and talking to the garage it might be ready next week (but I don't trust them) which would have taken 3 months in total. I'm insured by the MAIF because they (sort of) have an English service. They have been terrible. They have promised to phone me back many times, even getting them to promise personally, but they have only called back once! Now my french isn't great but it seemed that the information that I get from the insurance, the expert and the garage all conflict. I feel like I've been treated really badly, and the problem is that my French isn't nearly good enough to have a go at them.The garage keeps putting back the date they think the car will be finished, always blaming someone else. "We are waiting for the Expert to view the car", "There is more damage than we originally estimated, need to wait for the expert to come back", "The parts are going to take ages", "Hyundai didn't send the parts this week, until next week". I get the impression that they are discriminating against us because we are British.The back end of the car was totally replaced a year before and that only took about a month in Britain.Do you think I have any rights to get any money back for them taking too long and being incompetent or somewhere I might be able to get some advice from?


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You could try ORGECO - Organisation Generale des Consommateurs

1 bis Place Antonin Jutard, 69003 Lyon

04 72 12 16 85

Site internet:

Acc the site I looked at they are open today till 3PM

I had a dispute with an insurance company over a dog bite, took just over 2 years to sort out


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