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Hello My family and I are visiting Lyon for a few days.  Today we went to Bellecour and we parked the car in a payant car parking space, which cost us 5 euros.  When we returned before our allotted time had expired, we found a small green piece of paper on the windscreen.  It said that 'Une infraction a la reglementation du stationnement a ete relevee a votre encontre.'  Please could someone tell me what this ticket is for and, if there is a fine payable, what sort of amount will this be? Many thanks.  

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lizzyinlyon 1414431098

Hi there,

The fines usually range from 17 up to 135 euros, depending on the infraction that they charged you with.   If it's just for parking, it's probably in the lower end of the spectrum.   You'll get the bill in the mail within the next two weeks (at least, that's what happened to me).

Sorry about that!

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Many thanks for your reply lizzyinlyon.  Just to let you know that we did receive a bill in the post, but  luckily it was for the lower amount you mentioned. 

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