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Hi Does anyone use the parking machines for the residents option in Lyon. Ive tried this morning to use the €16 per month option as a resident but cant get it to issue the ticket. Does anyone know what im doing wrong?


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Think you need to go to your districts mayors office and ask about it. I think you need a code or something? Sorry i can't be more use!

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You have to first go to your 'mairie' and bring legal documents showing proof of your residency (local tax/flat rental contract/gaz/electricity bills - covering the past three months). They will issue you with a document including a stamp which you will have to be inserted in a sticky transparent stuck inside your windscreen. This will be valid for one year. This should be free.
Then, you will go to one of the machines in the street, press the little yellow house sign, it should say 'tarif résident' or something similar, from memory, on the digital screen - you then insert your 16 Euros. It should say 'somme maximale atteinte' and you press the green button and you should be issued with a ticket which will cover the cost for one week. I believe in some mairies you may be able to pay with a credit card but I have never done it. Note that parking is usually free in August and you may also work out the bank holidays when you plan the day when you want to pay or save a few euros (1st January, Easter+ Easter Monday, 1st May, 8th May, Thursday Ascension, Monday Pentecôte, 14th July, 15th August (August is free anyways), 1st November, 11th November, 25th December). I hope this helps. Best.

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