Riding a 125cc Scooter in France

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Hi, I have recently re-located from Spain where my UK car driving-licence (no motorbike licence) entitled me to ride a 125cc scooter. From what I can gather from the Internet, this is not the case here in France, and I would have to complete a 7 hour training-course in order to be allowed to ride the scooter under the priveleges of my UK car licence. Can anyone confirm that this is the case? If so, can anyone recommend anywhere in Lyon to complete the course? My French is pretty limited, so anywhere where a bit of English is spoken would be an added bonus. Thanks in advance for any advice. Rod.


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Hi Rod

To ride a 125cc Motorbike or scooter in Lyon, France you must hold a valid A1 license. Further details can be found in our information  pages:


Good luck


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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply. Can you recommend anywhere to do the 7 hour course required to ride the scooter that I've been riding for the last 3 years :)


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Google formation 125cc and your area and you'll then get various courses offered. Or ask at your local driving school, which would be easier. :)

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