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Hi does anyone know what the cab charge should be to Lyon Airport, just paid €45 one way from the centre which i think is a little steep! Does anyone recommend a reputable taxi firm in Lyon?


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We use the tram to the airport which is great and only costs around €25 return!

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45€ ? It used to be 60-80€ - but of course it depends on where in Lyon you are going and what the traffic conditions are like. The prices are reguated so I don't think you will find a cheaper legal taxi option.

The tram is as stated the "cheap" way to go - 23€ return to be exact, 13€ single or 66€ for 6 trips (valid for one year) but if you have a lot of luggage you can have problems since the luggage capacity is limited.

Trams run from Part Dieu station with just 2 intermediate stops

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All taxi are reputable and reliable (and regulated), no scam with the metter like in Asia, they are just very expensive in France, no matter where you are and where you go...


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