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Anyone know where you can hire the little Renault 2 seaters i keep seeing buzzing about Lyon? They have two seats behind each other and look great fun! saw on one which went past me on Saturday they are for hire.

started by: cockney-596689 · last update: 1340027393 · posted: 1339609404

Where are they all? Just when i need one they seem to have disappered from Lyon?

started by: Eugene-596391 · last update: 1337954103 · posted: 1337954103

Hi looking for a new car for the summer in Lyon, is there anything around the city similar to the Car supermarkets in the UK and the states? Thanks

started by: Eugene-596391 · last update: 1336580150 · posted: 1336158190

Hi looking for a new car and a friend was telling me they were a lot cheaper in other EU countries. Has anyone ever done this? Are they cheaper than here in Lyon where they do seem pricey? Hows the re registering process etc. Thanks for any info.

started by: Richard Dean-597447 · last update: 1335522242 · posted: 1334833655

Hi need to get to Nice next week from Lyon and wondered how much the tolls are to compare against the cost of the TGV as to which is easiest and cost effective. Thanks

started by: Ausgirl-597523 · last update: 1331588901 · posted: 1331282461

Hi Im a fairly new arrival to Lyon and wondered if im driving legally with my Australian drivers license? Do i need to change to a French one? Thanks for any help!

started by: Chris-596383 · last update: 1330605244 · posted: 1330605244

Important changes to the law for drivers in the Lyon areas. http://blogs.angloinfo.com/france-blog/2012/03/01/breathalysers-obligatory-as-of-1-july-2012/

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Hi has anyone used the Car2go short term car hire in Lyon yet. There seems to be loads of the blue and white smart cars out and about in Lyon so i was wondering if they are easy to hire, if its expensive and if you can hire with a UK driving liscense. Ta

started by: harryx-596684 · last update: 1328259293 · posted: 1328180861

Hi can anyone recommend a company to transport a very expensive classic car from the Birmingham area to Lyon next month? Thanks for any suggestions as im not happy with the company i normally use!

started by: Willyon · last update: 1327072314 · posted: 1327055743

Does anyone know of one as my car is desperate for a service and a few repairs. Thanks

started by: markms · last update: 1324549241 · posted: 1324475574

I had a crash in Lyon at the end of September in my right hand drive Hyundai i10 (small car). I still haven't got it back from the garage and talking to the garage it might be ready next week (but I don't trust them) which would have taken 3 months in total. I'm insured by the MAIF because they (sort of) have an English service. They have been terrible. They have promised to phone me back many times, even getting them to promise personally, but they have only called back once! Now my french isn't great but it seemed that the information that I get from the insurance, the expert and the garage all conflict. I feel like I've been treated really badly, and the problem is that my French isn't nearly good enough to have a go at them.The garage keeps putting back the date they think the car will be finished, always blaming someone else. "We are waiting for the Expert to view the car", "There is more damage than we originally estimated, need to wait for the expert to come back", "The parts are going to take ages", "Hyundai didn't send the parts this week, until next week". I get the impression that they are discriminating against us because we are British.The back end of the car was totally replaced a year before and that only took about a month in Britain.Do you think I have any rights to get any money back for them taking too long and being incompetent or somewhere I might be able to get some advice from?

started by: Doting Dad · last update: 1323251593 · posted: 1323189440

Has anyone heard anything about a proposed law change in the new year where by DIY Breath test kits must be carried in the car at all times. A French colleague was telling mae about it, I think!!!!

started by: harryx-596684 · last update: 1320700901 · posted: 1320700901

Hi anyone know of anywhere to store a classic sportscar within aln hours drive of Lyon. I'm not wanting parking but secure storage as I'm not planning on driving her. Thanks for any recommendations

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Hi does anyone know what the cab charge should be to Lyon Airport, just paid €45 one way from the centre which i think is a little steep! Does anyone recommend a reputable taxi firm in Lyon?

started by: trollydolly · last update: 1318895836 · posted: 1318515823

Hi Does anyone use the parking machines for the residents option in Lyon. Ive tried this morning to use the €16 per month option as a resident but cant get it to issue the ticket. Does anyone know what im doing wrong?

started by: w i l l-597260 · last update: 1317747226 · posted: 1317676402

Hi, I was driving around France a week ago, but unfortunately the head gasket blew. I've had to leave the car in the street in the Bron area of Lyon (free parking area) and fly back to the UK. Does anyone know of a mechanic in that area - preferably honest and cheap? I could scrap the car but would prefer not to. Unfortunately it's a right hand drive Rover. Hope you can help, Thanks, Will

started by: Milly-596427 · last update: 1316801073 · posted: 1316780668

Hi has anyone used the night bus service in Lyon? Is it safe? Where do i find more info as ive been on the TCL and cant find the info, routes or Timetable.

started by: BartBrown78 · last update: 1315910332 · posted: 1315680323

I'm leaving France and need to get rid of my car, a 1997 Renault Megane with 171000 km.Unfortunately, just yesterday, a problem developed, and the car barely moves when going uphill.I'll take what I can get, but since it will be hard just to find a buyer, can someone recommend a garage or even a junk yard that would buy it?Thanks for your help.Sorry for the double post, but it's urgent.

started by: Genehunt · last update: 1311592063 · posted: 1291396474

Hi im looking into getting the card that takes money out of your account rather than pay at the tolls. Does anyone use this and where can i find more info on it. Thanks

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Hi were finally moving this weekend into the 6th District and are looking for places to keep our two cars. Ive just been on this website where an unlimited ticket costs around €150. Does anyone use this service and is this price for a year as it sounds pretty reasonable for Lyon. Thanks for any help.

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