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Hi anyone know if you just go through the normal barriers on the peage with a 20m 3 box van or do you need to go through a different booth as i suspect. Thanks

started by: Iggy-596435 · last update: 1310467191 · posted: 1310467191

Hi we are taking my parents on a summer holiday this year to the Alps and as there will be 7 of us we need to hire either a 7 seater or an extra car. Does anyone know a cheap place to rent one? I think i can remember there was an initiative for the residents of Lyon to rent cars but i can't find details anywhere on the net. Perhaps someone can help me out? Thanks

started by: Bruce-596831 · last update: 1309699990 · posted: 1309372385

Hi does anyone know how much one should expect to pay for a cab from the airport to Place Bellecour in Lyon? Thanks

started by: Eugene-596391 · last update: 1309260516 · posted: 1309210292

Can anyone help? I have a UK registered Mini which I am not planning on re-registering in France - the car is back and forewards to the UK. The MOT has expired on the car and I need to have a controle technique done. I have done this here in the past and it has been no problem whatsoever. However this time I have been asked for a certificat de conformite and I'm really not sure why I need this now, can anyone explain and confirm that it is definitely necessary? Thank you in advance!

started by: Aubenas · last update: 1308483750 · posted: 1308483750

Hello, I would like to find the cost of registering a Citreon Picasso here in France (dept 07) at the Prefecture, you can find the cost online if you have the right info. If anyone has a diesel Picasso (around 2004 / 05) can you tell me the fiscal cv rating that is stated under section 'P6' of the Carte Gris so that I can find the cost to register, I believe this will be a single digit number. Our 1.9 diesel Renault Scenic has a value of 6 so maybe a 1.9 diesel Picasso will be the same ? many thanks,

started by: Bree-596817 · last update: 1308396107 · posted: 1308160268

Hi does anyone know the approx cost of learning to drive and what is the proceedure? This is for my son who is 17 next week!!! And if anyone has a recommendation for a school in Lyon this would be ideal. Thanks

started by: BartBrown78 · last update: 1307193715 · posted: 1306892155

I bought a used car about a month ago. I was told I have thirty days to file the registration paperwork, so I'm nervous. What happens if I miss the deadline? Is there a fine for filing late? Also, I'm not really sure of the process. Do I have to go somewhere in person? where? Or can I just mail it or do it online? A friend of mine (French) bought a used car and never filed for registration. He never got pulled over, so it wasn't a problem. He got hit by another car and his vehicle was totalled, so the insurance company just took the wreck and paid him for it, apparently without any problem. What about selling an unregistered vehicle to another person? Is that possible? I have the cancelled and signed carte grise from the previous owner and the paperwork we filled out when he sold it to me. Sorry for being so scatterbrained, I know I asked a ton of questions. Thanks.

started by: Bopara · last update: 1306928321 · posted: 1306864477

At what point does a new car need to start to have these? Will I be automatically advised of need to have same done?Thanks for any info.

started by: cockney-596689 · last update: 1305376838 · posted: 1305192441

We went to the Prefecture two months ago to register a car we bought off a friend and still haven't received the Carte grise. I haven't yet got the new plates for it (as we've been away) and I was wondering if this is holding it up somehow. Is it normal for it to take so long? The money came out of my bank weeks ago...

started by: Dangermouse-596419 · last update: 1297947506 · posted: 1297937717

Can anyone recommend a good place near Lyon to get some new tyres. Thanks

started by: Handy Andy-596423 · last update: 1297170540 · posted: 1297110610

Hi before i head off to the Prefeture does anyone know how much roughly it costs to register a 1.8 litre car in France. Thanks

started by: Eugene-596391 · last update: 1293981880 · posted: 1293824826

Hi I need some brake pads fitting to my car and wondered if anyone can recommend a kwik fit type garage around Lyon that wont rip me off! Thanks.

started by: Iggy-596435 · last update: 1291566031 · posted: 1291566031

Citroen 2cv for renovation ex mec order 1985 with only 63000miles col red minimal cost to make road worthy asking €750 GOOD WINTER PROJECT

started by: Vinnie69 · last update: 1287743792 · posted: 1287253555

Hi Im driving back to Lyon early next week from the UK and as i keep been told there are fuel shortages in France i wondered if anyone else has experienced this en route or around Lyon. Thanks for any info

started by: cockney-596689 · last update: 1286889953 · posted: 1286802906

Hi I need to use the Peage tommorow and as ive never used them on a strike day, i was wondering if they remain open or not. Any help appreciated!

started by: Candycane · last update: 1286128861 · posted: 1286128861

Hi, Sort of odd situation - we're finding that my partner is spending almost half the year in the UK, due to travel, family and business obligations. As such we would like to keep our UK car insurance but are nervous about it being deemed void if we need to claim on it while in France (by that I mean an occurrence happening IN France). Does anyone use an insurance company that is UK-based that is sympathetic towards these sorts of situations?

started by: Lyonnaise · last update: 1285855443 · posted: 1272486147

Hi we need a new reasonably priced car and i was wondering if there were any sites in France like autotrader in the uk to buy one from as dealer prices in France somewhat steep.

started by: noodle-596395 · last update: 1284972338 · posted: 1284972338

Has anyone used this service and would anyone recommend it as we dont have a car and weve friends coming who want to go to the Ardeche etc. How does it compare to conventional car hore companies etc? any info appreciated.

started by: Vinnie69 · last update: 1284029306 · posted: 1283959511

I have a car boot (trunk) full of stuff I don't want any more. In the UK I'd take it to the local charity store for them to sell. Is there an equivalent in Lyon?

started by: Handy Andy-596423 · last update: 1281437270 · posted: 1281187236

Hi, Do I need the carte grise and the attestation d'assurance or just the vignette on the window, any help appreciated as im new to this stuff.

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