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Hello, everyone.If you're interested, next mass in English is on Saturday October 3rd at 7Ppm at the Hotel Dieu Chapel right in the centre of Lyon. Information available on the chapel website : there's a page in English, click on English Mass.Welcome to all those who wish to join us !Edith 

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hello everyone Happy and healthy new year!!! we are new to Lyon and we would like to know if there are any  english masses at" la Basilique La Fourviere "this coming sunday the 6 or anytime, or if anyone knows of any other catholic churches that do. any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you. Pequenaloulou.

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We are a familly living in Lyon. We could rent or lend a part of the house (independant appartment) to a native english speaker, if we all speak in English

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Gabriel and Luca are 5 and 3 years old. We are looking for someone to pick them up at 4 o'clock at school, bring them back home and play with them.  We live in Villeurbanne, close to tram T1 and T4. It can be 1 to 4 days per week (depending on you availability), between 4 and 6 o'clock in the afternoon, starting in September 2017.

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English Canteen specialises in the sale of comprehensive start-up business packages. Our packages are created for individuals interested in operating their own business teaching English to children in France. Our packages include business coaching, teaching materials and everything you need to start-up and operate your own language school at home. Our concept is simple and effective.We provide our clients with the know-how to establish an independant business. A business that is straight forward to run and has a very rapid return on investment.French people want good quality language lessons and with our help you can provide that service. If you:-like children-are a native English speaker orhave a good level of spoken English -would like to run your own business from home  -want a job that fits into your family life. The "English Canteen" has the answer.

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Hi,  my sons teacher has asked me to have him tested for dyslexia.  Does anyone know of an English speaking orthophoniste who could test my son as our doctor doesn't know of any that can test him? thanks.

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Hello, We're a family with 2 kids (6 and 4) looking for a caring nanny to pick up the kids after school at 4:30 pm, play, read and have fun until parents come back at home around 6:30pm.Please contact us if interested! we're looking forward to meeting you!Best,Marie-Perrine

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Is there such a thing as......"learn french" day camps during the summer in Lyon for kids?We are English speaking but will be living in Lyon (6) for 3 months over the summer - I would love to get my 7 and 11 year immersed in French in some kind of structured program.Can't find anything online after endless Google search.Thank-you!

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Hello, I'm looking for an English speaker baby-sitter to look after our 3.5 years old daughter every wednesday afternoon, starting from october 2016. We are living near the parc tĂȘte d'or (metro charpennes-lyon).If you are interested, contact me at agnestescaru@gmail.com.Thank you!

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Hello -  We are a German/Canadian couple looking for playdates for our son who is 2.5 years old. Since most of the French kids are either at the creche or the maternelle full-time I have troubles finding moms/parents with kids that are available during the week. I am a freelancer working from home most of the time and looking after my son three days a week. It would be great to meet up with other moms/dads/parents who have toddlers. Please get in touch if you are interested. Sonia    

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Hi  Our family have recently moved to Lyon for 6 months, and my 11 yo daughter who has brought her own fllute and music (Grade 2), would love to continue with some lessons. Our French is on a steep learning curve and improving - albeit slowly. Would anyone know of a private flute teacher available who can also speak some English? We live in 6th arrondisement. I would also be keen to meet up with any families/ mums out there who might be free for a coffee/chat. Hope to hear from you, BT

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Is anyone interested in yoga classes for kids Friday or Wednesday afternoons?  I found a couple different spaces to rent, one in Lyon 4 and the other in Lyon 2.  I want to offer yoga classes for children in English however I'm curious as to which days, times and districts interest the parents of Lyon first. I spent nearly two years as an au pair in France and two summers as an au pair in Italy.  I am also a yoga teacher, completing both a 500+ hour Yoga Alliance yoga teacher training course and an additional 200 hour Yoga Alliance teacher training course.  I have taught yoga around Asia, including assistant teaching a Yoga Alliance certified teacher training course, and I have recently moved to Lyon and see that there is a demand for Friday afternoon activities.   If this something that you may be interested in, feel free to reply to this post or send me a message so that I can add you to my contact list.

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Hi all I'm wondering whether anyone has any first hand experience of state schools in and around the Lyon area. We are considering a move from a different part of France and are really not happy with the attitude of the teachers in the schools around here. There seems to be no level of pastoral care over here at all, children are not nurtured nor treated as an individual. We know of work being thrown at children's faces when it hasn't been done properly; it's Victorian on a good day. We are considering the international school in Lyon, but perhaps also a state school if we feel things are different over there. Our daughter is in maternelle at the moment but will probably be moving up to CP as we move to Lyon.  Any advice or sharing of your experiences would be great. Thanks

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Hi everyone:)  My husband and I just moved to Lyon with our little 2yo toddler, and I would love to meet other English speaking moms in Lyon. if anyone is interested in meeting up with the little ones and have a cupa coffee meanwhile, please let me know!  Hope to hear from you :)  best regards Tina & Karl

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Hello, My name is Sophie and I have two boys, Baudouin (almost 6 years old) and Léopold (2 years old). I'm looking for native English babysitters to look after them during the evening. We're living in Lyon Prefecture. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me: sophie.dargnies@gmail.com Thanks Sophie

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Hello, we just moved to Lyon. My 8-yr old wants to keep taking piano lessons. Does anyone know of a piano teacher in/near Old Lyon who is good with kids? Also, she'll need a keyboard to practice on. Any suggestions?

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Hello,   My name is Marie. We're a French family coming back to Lyon after 4 years in San Francisco. We have two kids of 3 and 5 years old. We're looking for a English-speking nanny/baby-sitter to look after them 2hours per day after school. I thought that maybe this network could helps us.   Thanks for your tips! Marie

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Does anbody have any experiences of sending their kids to this school in Gerland district. Im lloking to change my kids school next year and this was recommended as a possibility. Any views appreciated good or bad. Thanks

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Hi  We are a belgian family but have live 7 years in SA. We have 3 kids that only received south african education and therefor are more fluent in english and can't write and read in french. We will probably move to Lyon in July. We need to find everything like house, where to live, schools etc. We will have to choose a good public school as not sure we wil be able to afford the international one. Our kids play tennis, hockey, soccer and of course rugby and cricket ;-) We have a 9 years old boy, a 7 years old boy and a daughter of 6 years old. So any advises about Lyon are more than welcome as we have to start from scratch ! What I know is that we must find housing in the East as my husband will work close to the airport and I will porbably work in town. Please share any good advises or how to find good accomodation or schools as the web does not seem to offer that much information. Thanks a lot for your help ... I would really appreciate it Cheers Caro

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