Attitude of teachers towards children in French schools

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Hi all I'm wondering whether anyone has any first hand experience of state schools in and around the Lyon area. We are considering a move from a different part of France and are really not happy with the attitude of the teachers in the schools around here. There seems to be no level of pastoral care over here at all, children are not nurtured nor treated as an individual. We know of work being thrown at children's faces when it hasn't been done properly; it's Victorian on a good day. We are considering the international school in Lyon, but perhaps also a state school if we feel things are different over there. Our daughter is in maternelle at the moment but will probably be moving up to CP as we move to Lyon.  Any advice or sharing of your experiences would be great. Thanks


Marypat 1450290122

Im pretty sure that the norm here in France! I think ISL is more nurturing. Consider joining Expat Women of Lyon facebook page there are quite a few moms there that can offer insight on ISL.



purebreedpigs 1450349292

Thanks for the recommendation to the fb page, I'll have a look. :-)

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