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Does anbody have any experiences of sending their kids to this school in Gerland district. Im lloking to change my kids school next year and this was recommended as a possibility. Any views appreciated good or bad. Thanks


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I think things have changed a bit since our son left the CSI about four years' ago (overcrowding and now difficult to get in) but you could ring somebody in the welcome committee or parents' association (APESA)

the contact details are on this website: http://www.apesalyon.org/about_apesa.html


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Weve friends whose kids attend there. They said they are lucky to get the places there but they do favour bi lingual children at the school which is why a lot of French parents want their kids there.

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Is this a fee paying private school or state school?

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The CSI is a French public (not in the British sense !) school with international sections. All sections operate an exchange with teachers from the country of origin, hence there are no fees, except for the anglophone section, where fees are payable since there is not one single English-speaking country.


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Hi Domonique, so if English kids want to go there who are bi lingual and fluent in French would they go into the Anglophone section automatically? Im thinking of trying to get ours to go there as French friends say its a very good school who only take bi lingual children. I dont think i can afford private education though!

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I posted a reply to this post but it has disappeared !

Students need to take a test to be admitted to the anglophone section, but this test is designed to test their level of English. However there are now less places available than a few years ago so even fluent English-speakers are not guaranteed admission.

The fees are on the APESA website: http://www.apesalyon.org/about_apesa/fees.html

I don't know if bi-linguals children are given priority; I suggest you contact the anglophone section (ring the CSI main number and ask to be put through to the anglophone office) or somebody in APESA (The Parent Co-ordinator is Jill Kirby Tel


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I know this is an old thread, but . . . .

Can anyone tell me more about the entrance exam for CSI please?

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The website says it's to determine the level of spoken/written language. 


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Our son is 7 years old and the tests to get into CE1 at CSI were two 1-hour in-person tests for English and Math. 
(We were still out of the country, so we couldn't take them, so I don't know anything else aside from that.) 

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