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Hi  We are a belgian family but have live 7 years in SA. We have 3 kids that only received south african education and therefor are more fluent in english and can't write and read in french. We will probably move to Lyon in July. We need to find everything like house, where to live, schools etc. We will have to choose a good public school as not sure we wil be able to afford the international one. Our kids play tennis, hockey, soccer and of course rugby and cricket ;-) We have a 9 years old boy, a 7 years old boy and a daughter of 6 years old. So any advises about Lyon are more than welcome as we have to start from scratch ! What I know is that we must find housing in the East as my husband will work close to the airport and I will porbably work in town. Please share any good advises or how to find good accomodation or schools as the web does not seem to offer that much information. Thanks a lot for your help ... I would really appreciate it Cheers Caro


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My brother in law lives in East Lyon. They are in Jonage which is a village near Meyzieu. Jonage is about 15 minutes from the airport. The good news for you is that the real estate prices are much more affordable in this side of Lyon!!

If you want, I can ask my nephew the name of his school. I know it's a good one.

For sports, your kids will find great soccer club, Lyon is a good team in France. Don't know for the other sports.

You are a belgian family: do you speak french or flemish?

What about you? are you happy to move there?


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Hi Anne


Thanks a lot for your reply, I really appreciate it. I am not sure I want to live in a village as then there are no colleges close to it and soon my oldest one will be at the college. I am happy to move to Lyon, I loved South Africa and it was the best country we have experienced as a family but in a way I am also happy to show something else to my kids and believe Lyon is a good move. We have moved to 7 countries already lol !. I wander what is affordable in Lyon . We were thiking of Montchat but it looks very expensive for a 4 bedrooms. We will also look for an au pair as I will go back to a full time job. I had my own company here in SA so my time  was quite flexible. Yes we do speak french. What about you ? 

Chat soon



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this is the college of my nephew. It´s in Genas. Maybe they know someone for your kids. Do you want me to ask?

We live in Vence, it´s near Nice. We moved there 2 years ago. We were in Paris before that. 


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Txs again for your reply. Yes it would be great. where are you from ? is your brother in law french ?

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I am South African and have been living in Lyon for 4 years. I have two children aged 14 & 9 who go to local schools in Saint Genis Laval. If you are interested in let me know and I'll send the names to you.

All the best,



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There is a bi-lingual school in the 8th arrondisment, called 'Junior School'. I think the fees for 3 children are $540 a month. I haven't visited it as we only moved here yesterday! 

We have looked (online) at some apartments in the 8th, some of which are really quite nice, but we have decided to live over on the west due to my husband's work. 

I have a girl 12, a boy 7 and a girl 6. My kids speak no French as we've been in Australia for the last 4 yrs.


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