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Does anyone know of English-speaking breastfeeding support here in Lyon? The La Leche League group doesn't seem to be very accommodating..

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Hi - my husband  and I are moving  to  the  area with our younger  son, who'll  be going  into 1°, Bac S, in September. My husband's current  flat is in Fontaines  Saint  Martin, and we like that sort of area, which  is  convenient  for his work. However, the local  lycée, Rosa Parks  in Neuville, seems to have  pretty  poor  results. We're  looking  for a happy, encouraging  state school where fairly  serious  students  can get along well  - should  we assume  that  Rosa Parks  is not a good bet? We're  not really  aiming  to go private  as we've  experienced  pleasant state lycées here in Toulouse.

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Hi! I'm looking for an English-speaking nanny. We are moving to Lyon in March and we are looking for someone to take care of our lovely 2-year old daughter. We can also share nanny with other parents/kids If you are interested e-mail me: jadwiga.cletus@gmail.com

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Hello, Does anyone know about a club or group in Lyon for English speaking children (8 and 12) where they can practice sports or activities in English ? We are just coming back from an expat in London and would like to keep contacts with English culture and language... Thanks!

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Hi, we'll be moving from the US to Lyon soon with our 2 kids (7 and 4). They attended a French-American school in the US. We would very much like to continue our kids' bilingual education in English and French. We checked the bilingual schools in the area. One of our main concerns is to make sure that our kids are taught by native speakers given that neither English nor French are our mother tongue. From what we have heard, it seems that at Ombrosa there is only a very limited number of native speakers teaching in English. We would really appreciate your opinion on whether this has had a negative impact on the level of English taught at the school (eg in terms of pronounciation/accent). On the other hand, do you also have any feedback on the level of French that is to be expected from ISL? Do the kids really learn to read and write in French given the limited number of hours taught in that language? Thanks so much your help!!

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We will be in Lyon for one year starting in August.  We are hoping to put our 9 and 14 year old sons in school preferabley in arr. 6, 4, or 2 but our location is flexible. Can anyone relate any experiences about putting their children in state schools? I know the education is strong, I am wondering about how a foreign child/ young adult from Canada with only basic French will fare. Our goal is to immerse them in French culture for a while, but I wonder how difficult it will be for them to be in a regular state school. fyi- we applied to CSI but didn't hear anything back regarding our oldest child which was disappointing so we feel we have to look elsewhere. ISL is too expensive and it may be too late for Ombrosa. I am hoping for examples (names) of an ecole and a lycee where you felt your children were accepted and treated well even if they didn't have strong French language skills. Thanks.    

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hello everyone Happy and healthy new year!!! we are new to Lyon and we would like to know if there are any  english masses at" la Basilique La Fourviere "this coming sunday the 6 or anytime, or if anyone knows of any other catholic churches that do. any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you. Pequenaloulou.

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I will be attending this school next year. Are there any things I should know or tips that would help me?  

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Hi anyone know why thr Park Tete d'Or was closed yesterday? Does this happen often as we travelled to get there for a picnic? Thanks

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Hello, I am moving from New Zealand to Lyon at the end of December and am due with my first baby in April 2014.  I'm wondering if anybody can give me some advice on how I go about finding a midwife or obstetrician in Lyon? Or could recommend some good ones in particular or some hospitals? I would prefer an English speaking clinic or obsterician as I don't know any French (yet!). I have read that you only get funding if you 'register' your pregnancy before 14 weeks...does this mean that I'll miss out on funding with arriving to the country as I'll be 26 weeks? Any advice to do with having a baby in Lyon would be much appreciated :). Thanks Rebecca    

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Hi parents, Do any of you go outddors to Parks, my son is 3 months and it would be nice to socialize with some parents and children.

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Hello! My name is Oksana, I am 25 yeras old and I would like to offer my services as a nanny or babysitter in Lyon. Normally, I am available 12.30 p.m - 4.30 p.m. and after 19 p.m. every working day and all the day in the weekends. This week (20.10-26.10) I am on holidays so I am free all days long. I have been working with children for the last 5 years, after graduating pedagogical university back in Ukraine. I have also the recommendation letters from the families I was working in.  I speak Ukrainian, Russian, English, Finnish and French. I am social, open-minded, patient and positive person. Don't hesitate to contact me, if you need any further information! Thank you! sanna.marchenko@gmail.com 

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Can anybody tell please how much Ombrosa costs/year (primary and collège) in Bourget-du-Lac? Thanks a lot for your answers!

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We are looking to send our infant daughter to an anglophone crêche in Lyon. Just wondering if anyone could give me a general idea of cost of private crêche? Thanks

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I'm 4 months pregnant (first baby)  and living in central Lyon, wondering if there are any other English speaking expectant mums out there? Would be nice to be able to chat with other people in the same boat and share tips on the mysterious workings of the French system!

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Hi all, kids are getting bored a lil, anyone know of any fun international activity camps in the Lyon area? Thanks for any help

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Awareness of children bullying arisen recently, late 2011, after several suicides of teenagers. There is no equivalent of Children Act in France and bullying tends to be minimized because 93% of children declare to be satisfied by their school. Nevertheless about 6% (8% boys, 4% girls) complain they have been victims of serious bullying, 10% of children requiring medical intervention each year. Actions against bullying tend to focus on colleges (intermediate schools) and to ignore primary schools and lycées.   A toll free number (0 808 80 70 10) has been put in place early 2012 but they don’t answer phone calls. Each educational district has a ‘Référent Harcèlement’ that can be called for serious cases. But for Académie de Lyon, Mrs Dauce (phone # 04 72 80 69 77) has potentially 27,500 victims to deal with (6% of 459000 students) and she looks definitively overbooked.   Attitude toward bullying is quite relax, bullies being considered themselves as victims of their personal situation and their expression of violence being a reaction to some personal suffering. Generally it is advised to parents of a child being bullied to change him/her of school and enrol him/her in a private school where discipline is more strict and control more efficient. Supervision of violence by teachers is based on their spontaneous willingness and there is no strict rule. And this supervision, when exists, stops at the gate of the school. Bullying outside school is totally ignored by educational body.   Children victim of bullying tend to hide their situation and only good attention of parents can help to detect unhappiness and distress. When bullying is identified parents can always try to talk of it to the Principal of the school but his attitude is unpredictable. He may say that children are terrible toward each other’s and there is very little that can be done.

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Hi, Sorry to repeat an old topic, but wondering if anyone has any more up-to-date info about standard of/places in -  billingual schools. Looking for a place for our 3-year-old son. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Myself and my French husband are looking to move to Lyon in the next 18 months.  We are coming for a holiday this June to look round, check out areas, and hopefully meet up with some people who live there already to bombard them with questions!  We have a 21 month old and I am about to give birth, so by the time we move we'll have a 1 and a 3 year old, so much of the info we're looking for will be based around areas to live, maternelles bilingual schools, pre-school activities (groups etc for mums and babies etc).   We currently live in Edinburgh in Scotland which is extremely family friendly with lots and lots of things to do for families with young children and some great schools so want to make sure that Lyon can offer the same! If anyone over there with young children would fancy meeting up for a coffee or something whilst we're there (mid-June) that would be great as long as you don't mind us asking a million questions about life in Lyon with young children! Any info that you can give just now in advance of our holiday there would be very very much appreciated. Many thanks! PS if anyone knows of a family-friendly central self catering apartment that we can rent for a week mid June, please also let me know - maximum budget around 600 euros. 

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Hi there, Would anyone have any ideas on what the area around rue victor Hugo is the 3rd is like?It's near route de genas/ ave Felix faure, from what I can work out it's between the areas of monchat et villeurbanne. I'm particularly interested in finding out what life with a young family would be like here, Ecoles maternelles  etc. Anyone anything to offer ? 

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