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Hi all I'm urgently looking for kiddies parties venues in Lyon. I'm plannning a sports theme party for my 5year old son. Many thanks

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Hi to all, Our sister meetup group has just launched a fun Parent & child group for English speakers in Lyon! Perhaps you need to make new friends,need a little support or advice about living in Lyon with kids, need to socialise or would like you children to practice French!. The first event (A picnic in the Park) takes place in a couple of weeks and its free to join! We would love to see this as a regular fixture for all! http://www.meetup.com/Lyon-AngloINFO-English-Speakers-Meetup/ Chris

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I have a couple of sacks of second hand clothing to donate to charity. Does anyone know of a charity shop that will take them in Lyon? Ive seen the collection bins but i dont know if there for recycling or charity and there is some pretty good stuff in them

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Anyine out there live in this area of Lyon? Would you recommend any particular ecole maternelles? We hope to move to this area in July from Ireland & will take a trip soon to look at schools.  What are the transport links like to places like the parc de la tete d'or? Many thanks in advance.

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      I am in need of advice regarding nice areas to live in Lyon. We move in July & my husband will be working in the 8th district near the laennec & mermoz metro stations. We would  like to live beside his work. Are these nice areas to live? We need to find a good public ecole maternelle for our two boys who will be 3 & 4. We would love to be near some greenspace ideally. any suggestions for where to live? Any suggestion regarding moving to Lyon appreciated! 

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Hello everyone! We have just moved to Lyon from Normandy with our two daughters. My eldest daughter goes to school while the little one stays with me. I would love to join a mother - toddler group or just meet other expat mums in Lyon. We live in the 6th arr. and we often go to the Tete d'or park. Hope to hear from you soon!    

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Hi is there a scout movement in the Lyon area? A friend was telling me there was one in France and id love to get my boys back into it in France as they miss it here as they were very keen in the UK. Fine if its English or French speaking! Many thanks

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Hello, My family & I have recently moved to Lyon, and I am looking for a local kids football training/club and karate classes for my son (10yrs) in the Jean Mace or surrounding area. Any information on either would be really appreciated. Many thanks, Jes

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My daugher has 3 old schoolfriends coming next week for a week and being new to the area, I was wondering if any one had any ideas of things to do for 16 year old girls. Thanks in advance

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Hi Looking at the possibility of enrolling our 2 and a half year old into a bilingual nursery in the centre of Lyon. Has anyone any recommendations or experiences. Thanks

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Tuesday with my daughter to look around the University as she is hoping to start there in September. Could anyone suggest a B&B to say overnight in, I have never been to Lyon before but don't like the idea of driving into the town centre so perhaps somewhere on the outskirts of the town which has a bus or train sevice to the centre, also if anyone has any info on the Moulin University I would very much appreciate it. Thanks Suzie

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Can anyone help with information on french state school, my children already attend French school but in the north of france, we would like to know what the schools are like in Lyon city. The children are 4, 8, 10. thanks

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Hello We are moving to Lyon next summer and I am trying to find out advice regarding schools for our bilingual children. The eldest will hopefully be starting at CSI (exam permitting) but I am looking for a maternelle/primaire for my 4 year old (will be 5 then). He already knows how to read and write in English so it maybe that he can go in CP direct though know that state schools will not permit this. We have looked at the websites for Westpoint, Le petit monde and Junior school as are likely to live that side of town. Any local advice would be so appreciated Rosbif

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Is there a legal age for babysitting in Lyon or France as our neighbours 15 yo daughter has offered but i don't want to get into trouble as i know what French laws can be like. Also is it a problem paying small amounts of cash like this and finally does anyone know the going rate? Thanks

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Hi my first baby is due towards the end of next month and as were pretty new to Lyon my spoken French isn't that good yet. Does anyone know of any Mother & Baby groups in the Lyon area that are English spoken? Thanks for any help!

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Do the French do this around Lyon with their kids, Were having a party tomorrow and wondered if to take the kids trck or treating? Thanks

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Where the best and most cost effective place to shop for Baby supplies and equipment in Lyon. Is there an equivalent to Mothercare? Thanks

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We'll be moving to Lyon in the new year 2012 with our 2 sons who will be 12 (US grades 7 and almost 14 (US grade 9) by then. We're considering Ombrosa and CSI (French is primary language) and the International School of Lyon (English is primary language with French taught as a foreign language). Other than the primary instruction language (we're leaning toward Ombrosa or CSI so that the girls will become fluent in French), Does anyone have any kids that attend these schools and able to give me any advice? The costs are irrelavant as my husbands firm is paying for this, we just want to get the choice right!.Thanks in advance. Jools

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Hi has anyone any experience with sending their kids to the international schools in Lyon? I ask as we are just starting to look into this for our kids before we make the big move and as their is plenty of choice i thought someone may share their experiences good or bad! Thanks

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I've been asked by a friend if there are any summer camps in Lyon over the .... summer! It would be for her 6 year old daughter. If anyone is aware of any please let me know. Thanks in advance

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