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Hello, Can anyone recommend a good babysitter in the Crouix Rousse area? We are looking for someone to babysit a few evenings at our apartment. My kids are 7 and 9 and primarily English-speaking. I'd be grateful for any recommendations.

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Hi are there any Kids English classes in Lyon for uner 10's? Either Wednesday pm or Saturday am? Thanks

started by: Bree-596817 · last update: 1304525641 · posted: 1304341607

Hi are there other park/ nature reserve type places within an hours drive of Lyon? Weve visited Tete d'or which is fab and Mirabel jonage this holiday so wanting to take the kids somewhere a bit different before they go back to school next week. Thanks

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Hi, does any one know if there's a good scouts group in Lyon? where we're currently living there is one, but is heavy on religion. We are just looking for a traditional non-religion one like you find in the UK, with lots of kids activities. Thanks in advance

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Hi! Can anyone help me? I have trouble finding daycare in Lyon. I'll start working full time in may and we are looking for a creche (french or bilingual english/french) for 2 or more days in the week. Maybe someone has a tip/advise where I can find a daycare? Thanks a lot!Elisabeth

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Hi does anyone know of any Easter services in Lyon in English pref on the Sunday if poss. Thanks

started by: zoey-596535 · last update: 1297684532 · posted: 1288886306

Hi Do they exist in Lyon in English? Im desperate to find some as my parents are coming over for a short stay soon and i foolishly told them i was already attending every Sunday. Id really appreciate any help on this, Thanks

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Hi are there any based in the Lyon area with childrens classes? Thanks

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Hi to all, can anyone recommend an English speaking agency in the Lyon area? Thanks

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Hi does anyone know of one of these in the Lyon area for a family portrait in between xmas and the new year. Thanks

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Hi, does anyone know if the normal assurance scolaire is adequate for a school ski trip or not? (Just pay about 12 euros a year through axa). wouldnt want anything not to be covered!

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Hi can anyone recommend a good place to take little ones to see Father Christmas in the city?

started by: KentuckyGirl · last update: 1289339257 · posted: 1289311637

Looking for good Christmas markets in the area as i need to buy and send presents overseas. Can anyone advise on good ones. Thanks

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Hi we are moving to Lyon after Christmas so we will need to relocate our two children into Schools in the centre. They both speak French Fluent and are currently at Lycee in Paris. Thanks for any information

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Are there any of the indoor aqua parks anywhere within an hours drive of Lyon. I mean the types with slides and chutes etc. Thought it may keep the kids entertained in the holidays a little!!

started by: Trudi-596397 · last update: 1284285271 · posted: 1283857755

Hi im looking for one of the above for my 12 yo daughter to join in Lyon. She does speak basic French so a smattering of English would help but not essential. Thanks

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Hi, Im looking for any experiences or reviews of the international schools in Lyon that are English speaking. I would like to hear peoples views good or bad. Many thanks

started by: Trudi-596397 · last update: 1275735601 · posted: 1275645095

Which shops are the best quality but not too expensive? I'm specifically looking for clothes for school for boys. If we were in the Uk id go to Primark lol

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Hi, did anyone see the article in Tuesdays Daily Mail about the growing number of women being left in France by partners who are not able to cope and do not know where to go for help and advice? Since then all sorts of exciting things have happened and the lady who featured mainly in the story has been approached to offer help and support to Women Alone In France hence the name of her group. There are a lot of things she can help with including legal advice from a Notaire, Avocat, Insurance man, Doctor and financial advisor. There will be more press coverage as things progress and there are people able to offer some work opportunities and support women in a variety of practical ways. This is not a " tea and a chat" group these are real issues for real people and she aims to help sort out the problems women cannot perhaps find answers to easily. The group will help women all over France and there will be a confidential line for private discussion and a private email address. Please spread the word, maybe you know a woman struggling alone or are indeed yourself having a tough time. For more information please email me and I will put you in touch. Help offered always appreciated so if you have a skill to offer get in touch too (men alone can also get help.)

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Hi, does anyone have any clues as to where a friend of mine may be able to find ballet or dance lessons for her daughter, with an English speaking school in or around Lyon? Thanks for any info

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