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Hello,Can anyone recommend a good lawyer with knowledge of the insurance laws, and experience of dealing with insurance claims? Also, competent, and not too pricey...!

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Hello, Does anyone have a recommendation of an accountant or accounting firm to file my taxes in the US while living in France?Thanks

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Hi Everyone,Would love some first hand information on setting up a bank account in France? We are both self employed and will be taking on self employed work for the first year before we hope to eventually set up a business in France. We know it will take us some time to transition in to our french life / lines of work so do any expat self employed people out there have any pearls of wisdom they can share with us? Problems people faced? Any banks more favourable?I just spoke to HSBC here about their international banking accounts and apparently you need to have a 12 month contract with a french employer and £3500 per month deposited! Any advice much appreciated.... Just in the initial stages of our research in this area 

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A new campaign group has recently formed in the UK called WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign) to "seek fair transitional arrangements for all women born on or after 6th April 1951 who have unfairly borne the burden of the increase to the State Pension Age (SPA). Hundreds of thousands of women have had significant changes imposed on them with a lack of appropriate notification. The 1995 Conservative Government’s Pension Act included plans to increase women’s SPA to 65, the same as men’s. Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI), agree with equalisation, but don’t agree with the unfair way the changes were implemented – with little/no personal notice (1995/2011 Pension Acts), faster than promised (2011 Pension Act), and no time to make alternative plans. Retirement plans have been shattered with devastating consequences." A crowdfunding exercise raised enough to pay for legal advice and barristers are currently considering potential action. A petition has been signed by more than 21,000 people since the 20th October. Yesterday it was announced that the Parliamentary Select Committee for Work and Pensions will be seeking submissions from women born in the 50's. "The Work and Pensions Committee have launched an inquiry into the new State Pension introduced in April 2016. Concerns have been raised that many of those who will be affected by the changes do not know enough about the changes or exactly what they will mean for their pensions." More details here:-  I am sure that there are many of you (like me) who are affected by these changes. You may want to consider signing the petition and asking your family and friends to do the same here You can find more information about the campaign and read some of the heartbreaking stories about women who have been left without the money they are entitled to here: Please pass this information to the women you know who were born in the 50's!

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Hi fellow sufferers, Has anyone out there had problems ending their agreement with the 'Free' internet provider? It certainly wasn't 'free'  with them and now I'm not with them it's still not 'free'-they keep taking the monthly payment even though the wi-fi box was returned ages ago. They know I've moved because the associated land-line doesn't work! Please let me benefit from your hard won (bitter?) experience. 'Desperate' of Lyon.    

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We tried to apply for a bank account with Monabanq and have been refused - although no grounds were given.  Has anyone else experienced this?  What do we do now? Walk into a credit agricole and try again?

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We have been living in the same apartment for almost 3 years since we moved to Lyon, and now we know the areas better, we have decided we want to move to a different area and look for a 2 bedroom apartment (3 pieces). The notice for our apartment is 3 months. So how do we to about it? Do we hand in the notice then hope to find somewhere within those 3 months, or do we find somewhere first, then hand in our notice? Both I have worries with- what if we don't find somewhere we want within 3 months and we waste our money on somewhere that's not "perfect" as such? Or what if we find a place a month into handing in out notice, will we have to pay for 2 apartments at the same time? If anyone has any advice I'd greatly apreciate it! Thanks!! Ian

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Hi, I have an English Drivers License but as I live in Lyon, France now do I ned to chnge it for a French one legally? also whats the proceedure, I'm guessing there will be masses of paperwork from the prefecture? *Laughs* any help or advice appreciated!

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Hello all,  Can anyone recommend for a good english speaking divorce lawyer. I currently have one that is useless all she has done is filled in paperwork. She doesn't give me any advice until I ask for it, so I have to know what to ask beforehand. I have gone through the first part of the divorce and now need to set up the second part but I don't want to use the same lawyer again.  Please recommend someone that will give advice and actually fight for my needs. So far, I feel like I've been pulled through the bushes backwards!  thanks. 

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As an auto entrepreneur my wife has received a form from our mutuelle, Répam Santé, regarding our ‘Attestation Fiscale Année 2014’. It refers to article 154 bis of the ‘Code General des Impots’ and under the heading ‘Maladie’ indicates an amount that she paid and that as a ‘profession libérale’ she must declare. Does anyone know where on the form this should be declared? Thank you

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Hi, I have been living and working in France now for 2 years and am a property owner here. I intand to marry and stay here for the forseable future. Im interested in finding a pension scheme to start here but have no idea where to start in looking and how the schemes differ from the Uk. Any advice would be helpful Thanks

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Hi I am a profession libérale and want some advice from others in my position please. If I were to fall ill and couldn't work, would my mutuelle cover my salary or would that be the social security. In either case, what percentage of my salary would I get and for how long? Thanks for any help

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Hi Ive been in Lyon for just over a year and was wondering legally if i need to swap my Australian Driving Licensce for a French one, if so is it difficult to do? Thanks

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Hi,My partner has suggested we enter into a PACS - so can anyone who has done it tell me what needs to be done, please? In what way is different to being concubin/e? Many thanks in advance

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Anyone know how to rent a pitch at one of Lyons local markets? Is it really difficult? i guess the proceedure and paperwork could be lengthy lol? Im planning an English craft stall. Thanks

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Hello, I work for a UK Ltd business that sends its Staff regularly to France ( Lyon ), and they use Hotels & Taxis very often.  The Business pays its staff their expenses, and would like to try & re-claim the VAT on the bills. Can anyone advise on how this is done ?  What is the procedure for a UK Ltd Company ? Regards, Alex   

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Hi we bank with CA and are paying 7€ per month for our basic joint account with no overdraft. Im thinking this is a bit pricey? Anyone know of any free banking services in Lyon? Thanks

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Hello guys I have been trying my best, with my limited French, to find an official, trust-worthy website that provides information about the laws in France about providing certificates of authencity of jewellery. In particular I want to buy this diamond and gold ring and I asked for a certificate of authencity (to know where the diamond came from, what quality it is etc) and the jeweller said he doesnt' provide that, rather he just provides a receipt. This sounds strange to me! As a jeweller in France is he not legally obliged to provide something about the origin of the diamond or to even quantify the quality of the diamond for evaluation purposes? Any official links (in French or English) would be great!!!

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Hi we've hired a babysitter who will work for us a couple of evenings a week maybe 10 hours in total. How do i keep the right side of the law with regards to tax. In the UK i would just pay cash but feel uncomfortable to do this in Lyon as i don't know the law. Thanks

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