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Hi, My name is Fabienne, I am a French woman. I am involved in Les Petites Cantines Perrache, 74 rue de la Charité in Lyon 2. It's a place I like and I wish I could meet more English speaking people there. It's a perfect place to improve your French to ! If you want to come and join the cooks, you are welcome. If you just want to come to have lunch, that's fine to. It's a non profit organization. People pay what they want for the lunch. Nice events are organized there. You feel like teaching us a recipe from your place, feel free to say so ! Hope to see you there.

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Hi has anyone seen tins of Quality Street for sale in Lyon? I need one for Christmas as its a tradition in our household. Ive tried the British shop too! I thought they were a worldwide thing,,,thanks for any tip offs.

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Hi all, Wondered if any knew where to get some Thai Green Curry Paste? I have looked all over the place in Lyon and can't find any. No supermarkets have it, and I have been to several asian shops like "Madras Bazzar" in Cordeliers / Saxe Gambetta with no luck. Plenty of indian pastes and spices (I really would recommend Madras Bazzar for that!) but nothing Thai. Answers on a postcard please :) Thank you! Dave

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Hi are Turkeys for roasting at Christmas available easily in the supermarkets like Monoprix and Carrefour? or do they not stock them in which case a Butchers?,,,,,Im wondering whet the French have on Christmas day? Thanks

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Can anyone help me find out if there is a limit to how mant bottles I can put in my car?  We enjoy tasting and buying wine from the vineyards here in the  Lyon area. However my french friend tells me there are rules on how much you can put in your car and drive with. This is wine for personal consumption within France. I think she may be thinking of taking wine out of the country (uk customs do stop people who carry vans full of booze, I know) but she is adamant its within France.  Nobody we've bought wine from has indicated there is a limit but it wouldn't be in their interest. any ideas on this?.

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Hi anyone found any good ones in Lyon? the only one Ive found is Monoprix's Cheddar which I didn't like as it was a bit 'grainy',,I suspect it had been frozen at some point and for the price should have been better. Thanks for any sightings!

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I recently visited Nice and went to a restaurant where they served the local dish of "socca". It was superb. I will be in Lyon shortly and wonder if anyone knows of a restaurant where I will find "socca" on the menu. You can come along for a free meal with me if you wish!!!   Mike

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We're planning a few days in Lyon next month and would be grateful for restaurant recommendations in the town centre. One of the ones we are thinking about for lunch is Le Sud, place Antonin-Poncet, in the city centre. Has anyone lunched here? Any recommendations for other restaurants in this area would also be welcome.

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Anyone seen any to roast or boil in the spermarkets or butchers? Can't seem to find any and we usually prepare one for christmas to slice cold over the christmas holidays! Thanks for any spots!

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Hi we have some friends coming over for Christmas and need to stock up on Lactose free milk, anyone seen it in the supermarkets? Thanks for any tip offs

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Hi Im cooking a  recipe which requires Halloumi cheese. Can anyone tell me if it is available here in Lyon and if so where?. Thanks

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Hi can anyone recommend anywhere selling British style Fish & Chips in Lyon as i want to take my French friends to sample traditional ones. Thanks

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Hello! I live in a town southwest of Lyon and am looking for recommendations for a good curry shop and a good bouchon. I would be delighted to receive your recommendations! MS

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Hi, does anyone know where one can get a whole turkey in Lyon? This might be a long shot but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend!  Thanks for in advance for any info!

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Hi will be visiting Lyon in afew weeks and are looking for recommendations for a good seafood restaurant to visit whilst im in town. Many thanks in advance. Tom

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Hi anyone know which apples are the best to cook desserts and sauces with in France? In the UK we just have cooking apples which are more acidic. Thanks. Needs to ba available in Lyon too!

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Does anyone know if there is anywhere in Lyon where I can buy fresh/frozen acai berries? I know it's a long shot but if you have any idea I would be very grateful. Thank you.

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Hi on the hunt for Wagyu Beef in Lyon centre, anyone know where i should start to look for it? Thanks

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Not a tall tale lol :-)  I was just wodering if anyone had tried the restaurants and if they were any good as i was planning to take a large party there over the holidays and looking for a review. Thanks

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Hi is it possible to buy authentic Ghee for curries in Lyon? If so where and wheres the best place to get other indian ingredients. Thanks

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