brasserie Le Sud, Lyon centre-ville

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We're planning a few days in Lyon next month and would be grateful for restaurant recommendations in the town centre. One of the ones we are thinking about for lunch is Le Sud, place Antonin-Poncet, in the city centre. Has anyone lunched here? Any recommendations for other restaurants in this area would also be welcome.


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Hi berger

We've eaten there along with the others in the Bocusse chain and always enjoyed the food and service. I find it great value as the set menu is around 25 euros for 3 courses. The food is always fresh, wine list extensive and inexpensive, I'm sure it will be a good bet. Our Favourite in the group is the Est at Brotteuax in the old train station.

If you like to push the boat out ever Pierre Orsi at Foch serves a great menu but at a shade over 100 euros on an evening a lil more for special occasions. The lunch menu is around 45 and a good way of sampling the Michelin starred food. Enjoy!!!!

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Thanks, Penny. We're looking forward to our trip.

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