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Hi, Do the main supermarkets like Carrefour and Auchan stock Turkeys in Lyon for Christmas dinner, or will i need to order one from a butchers? I thought they would be in the supermarkets by now so getting a little worried! Thanks

started by: Polly-597608 · last update: 1354796846 · posted: 1354726046

Has anyone seen any in Lyon as id love to make some Christmas mince pies! Ive tried the English shop in Brotteaux already to no avail! Anyone got any spots or any other good Christmas foodie spots? Thanks

started by: trollydolly · last update: 1353601692 · posted: 1353413328

Hi anyone know of any in Lyon as id love to learn to cook French Classics! Thanks in advance!

started by: DeloresTate · last update: 1353581690 · posted: 1350657196

Hi anyone know of a good place to shop for Large turkeys in Lyon for American Thanksgiving next month? Thanks. Needs to feed at least 10 as fam are coming over to Lyon from the states!

started by: Janey lee · last update: 1353157160 · posted: 1352920022

Anyone tried the Restaurant Coach i keep seeing driving round Lyon? Thinking of booking it but a bit worried the food might be touristy and gimmicky? Looking for feedback please?

started by: Abigail-597708 · last update: 1352377826 · posted: 1352377826

Hi anyone seen jars of mincemeat for Mince pies in or around Lyon, A friend told me Monoprix stocked it last year but none yet! I know LB stock mince pies but very pricey so i need to make my own this year! Thanks

started by: kristen-597646 · last update: 1349102791 · posted: 1348471265

Anyone know where i can buy some canned pumpkin in Lyon? Thanks

started by: Lyonmom · last update: 1349102459 · posted: 1348575936

Hi anyone know where i  can get a good, long creamy cappaccino in Lyon? other than Starbucks as i don't go there on ethical grounds. Thanks

started by: Lyonmom · last update: 1348576098 · posted: 1348576098

Hi anyone tried to renew their annual Velo V cards? I tried yesterday but was pretty outraged as theyve increased the charge from last years €15 to this years €25! Thats quite an increase as we need 5 passes! Rant over but i wonder how they justify such a huge increase?

started by: Lilly-597494 · last update: 1348483681 · posted: 1346578581

Hi saw this driving round the centre of Lyon last night and it looks super fun. Its my husbands birthday this month so wondered if anyone has any information about it or where i can book a table. It was a black coach which seems to drive round Lyon's sites with tables on board just like a nice restaurant. Thanks for any help!

started by: TammyW · last update: 1347269533 · posted: 1346955156

Hi anyone know somewhere i can get a childs birthday cake made in Lyon? Thanks for any tips

started by: Deanjones-596528 · last update: 1344766658 · posted: 1344541871

Hi Looking for a shop which sells Wagyu Beef in Lyon, Anyone know of one or where i could take a look? Thanks

started by: Valentine-596522 · last update: 1341948838 · posted: 1341948838

Hi anyone know of a good tapas restaurant in Lyon? Its my oh's birthday next week and its his favourite, Thanks for any recommendations!

started by: Doting Dad · last update: 1341815048 · posted: 1338554629

Hi anyone know of any pick your own fruit and veg farms within an hours drive of Lyon? Used to love this in the Uk, perhaps none in France!

started by: JonnyQ · last update: 1339679907 · posted: 1339177516

Hi any stores in Lyon stock authentic SA foods? Haven't come across any yet, perhaps not looking in the right places!

started by: Ausgirl-597523 · last update: 1339512134 · posted: 1338924413

Hi Im trying to arrange a picnic with some friends this weekend and ive heard conflicting reports as to wether glass bottles of wine are allowed in the park or alcohol in general. Don't want to fall foul off the law :-)

started by: Bree-596817 · last update: 1338995525 · posted: 1338318387

Hi we have some friends who are wine buffs visitng soon from the states. I'd love to hear anyones recommendations for a great vineyard that offers tours and tastings within an hours drive of Lyon? Thanks for any tip offs!

started by: Doting Dad · last update: 1338123078 · posted: 1338123078

Amazed to see Heinz Picallili at the Simpley store in the 6th this morning! Just need to find a nice pork pie cheddar cheese and voila, a ploughmans! Thought id share!

started by: Vinnie69 · last update: 1337707604 · posted: 1337693962

Hi can anyone recommend a good place to buy authentic Italien cheeses in the Lyon area? Or even a good Italien Deli or supermarket. Thanks

started by: trollydolly · last update: 1336739386 · posted: 1336040799

Hi saw the Hairy Bikers TV show which was in Lyon this week via BBC IPlayer. Amongst other places they visited a kind of French Tapas wine bar which looked a great place to take visiting friends as it looked good fun and informal. Does anyone know what it was called or where it is? Thanks

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