started by: trollydolly · last update: 1335350885 · posted: 1335189269

Hi do any of the large supermarkets in the Lyon area do online shopping similar to the Uk where you shop online, not going into the store? Thanks for any replies.

started by: Doting Dad · last update: 1335178645 · posted: 1335178645

Have they stopped selling it at Cordelliers? Im sure i bought some pretty good cheddar there last year on the cheese counter but couldn't see any this weekend. Thanks

started by: KentuckyGirl · last update: 1334735848 · posted: 1334653044

Hi looking for authentic Mexican products in the Lyon area for an upcoming party. I hate using the El Paso and a friend who used to live in Lyon told me she used to buy La Costena items here, even Mole! Has anyone seen any? Thanks

started by: Valentine-596522 · last update: 1333199968 · posted: 1332964333

Hi Mother in law is coming over this Easter who loves a few sherrys on an evening. Ive looked without success in the shops in Lyon and wine merchants but have notices a wine based apperitiff which looks sherryish in colour. Has anyone tried any? Its around €3-4 in price.

started by: Victoria-596669 · last update: 1332520363 · posted: 1330020328

Hi is there such a thing as a French brand quick gravy mix similar to Bisto? If so whats it called as i cant find any thing similar in Lyon thanks

started by: Caligirl-597291 · last update: 1332267919 · posted: 1332267919

Hi anyone seen any in the Lyon area? Tried other brands but i CAN tell the difference Yuk! Thanks for any spots

started by: Willyon · last update: 1331585913 · posted: 1331203521

Anyone know where i can get some from, tried Carrefour already thanks!

started by: wizardofoz-596678 · last update: 1330945983 · posted: 1330799649

Are buy one get one free in Monoprix at Cordeliers. Stock up while you can. I have!!!!!!!

started by: FunkyBuddha · last update: 1330603666 · posted: 1330603666

Hi anyone got any recommendations for a nice bar with a friendly chic vibe to take some visitors this month in Lyon? Thanks for any tips!

started by: Trudi-596397 · last update: 1329736973 · posted: 1329477789

Hi does anyone know of an organic bakers in Lyon or a supplier of Organic Rye Bread? Looking for some visitors who arrive next week. Thanks

started by: Valentine-596522 · last update: 1329485800 · posted: 1329426676

Hi anyone know of a good one to go to in Lyon for our daughters birthday. Doesn,t have to be highbrow just good food. The buffet ones would be fine also thanks

started by: Alice-596408 · last update: 1329132747 · posted: 1328610161

Hi has anyone any recommendations for a good organic restaurant in the Lyon area as we have friends visiting who only insist on eating this. Thanks

started by: Caroline-597363 · last update: 1327574308 · posted: 1327399821

Where is the best place to buy fresh but reasonably priced seafood in Lyon centre? Or is it best to just buy frozen from carrefour or Picard? Thanks

started by: Trudi-596397 · last update: 1327239714 · posted: 1327239714

Hi bought some delicious bacon from mono prix in cordeliers yesterday. It's mono prix's own brand called Bacon fume Anglaise and in a packet by the pardons. Good value at 3 euros a pack. Thought I'd share for any other bacon lovers.

started by: George7 · last update: 1326792053 · posted: 1326211334

Anyone know where i may be able to purchase any for the rapidly approaching Burns Night Supper? Thanks for any tip offs

started by: cockney-596689 · last update: 1324288052 · posted: 1324138891

Hi do bars and restaurants open as normal on Christmas eve in Lyon as I know in other areas of France they shut around 7pm

started by: Maxine-596392 · last update: 1324049718 · posted: 1324049718

Hi thought I'd share as I've just stocked up with English Stilton at LIdl on COurs Lafayette, great with crackers

started by: broadhirst · last update: 1323768218 · posted: 1322756658

Hi were looking for recommendations for a nice Lebanese Restaurant in Lyon, somewhere near a Metro stop as weve visiting friends arriving who are lebanese. Thanks

started by: George7 · last update: 1323080535 · posted: 1322996748

Hi, has anyone seen any sherry in the shops for the christmas period? Id love to find some. Ive looked in Nicolas already to no avail! Thanks for any spots

started by: Maxine-596392 · last update: 1322818143 · posted: 1322675044

Hi weve masses of family coming over for traditional English Christmas Dinner. Ive tried in two butchers today in Lyon without success to order a Turkey to feed 14 people. Has anyone managed to order one? If so Id love to know where from! Many thanks

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