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Do any foodies know what these are called in France and perhaps where i could buy them in Lyon. Thanks

started by: Carly-596936 · last update: 1321874884 · posted: 1321874884

I'm trying to organise a fun christmas party for friends and came across this shop Near Rue Seze in the 6th. It looks like a kind of cooking school and wondered if anyone had been to it on an evening and if it was a good night to have with friends. Thanks for any help.

started by: Trudi-596397 · last update: 1321703241 · posted: 1321011271

Hi anywhere in Lyon that sells mincemeat for making Christmas mincepies etc?

started by: Dangermouse-596419 · last update: 1321526460 · posted: 1321523770

Is it the celebratory day for Beaujolais Nouveau today in Lyon? If so can anyone recommend anywhere to celebrate or sample it? Thanks

started by: Doting Dad · last update: 1321292800 · posted: 1320935668

Hi weve friends arriving who adore Chinese food. Ive yet to visit a good one in Lyon so does anyone know of a good one in the city? Thanks

started by: Trudi-596397 · last update: 1320918166 · posted: 1320429361

My best food spot ever in Lyon! I was amazed to see W. yorkshires finest cottage cheese for sale in the Franiprix shop by the Maseana metro stop for the bargain price of €2. Thought id share with all who may miss it! Good weekend to all!

started by: trollydolly · last update: 1320314210 · posted: 1320265120

Hi I've heard all about the great markets in Lyon so I'm looking for recommendations. Also are there any in the 6th district? Thanks

started by: Valentine-596522 · last update: 1320057621 · posted: 1319658488

Has anyone spotted any in Lyon? I can only buy it on trips to Paris so id love to know if its available here! Thanks

started by: Carly-596936 · last update: 1319999051 · posted: 1319563269

Hi anyone seen pumpkins around Lyon at reasonable cost? Ive only seen ones cut into pieces whereas we need one whole to carve for Haloween. Thanks for any sightings!

started by: buggerlugs-596941 · last update: 1319316048 · posted: 1319208138

For the bakers and cooks out there you might be interested to know that buttermilk can be bought in France. Just saw it in my local corner shop ( DIA/ED) and is an arab brand with Butttermilk written in English in it. happy baking ( just made some lemon meringue cup cakes for tea!)

started by: Fedex · last update: 1318948821 · posted: 1318948821

To any fellow Americans in Lyon who miss Mexican food, i managed to find authentic Costeña Mole and a really great authentic Tex Mex section at the Auchan at Porte des Alpes! Yummy Enjoy!!!! Any other food spots around Lyon?

started by: popsy-596393 · last update: 1318595263 · posted: 1318329136

Has anyone seen any mustard powder in the shops. Do the French make it? Or perhaps English if its available. Thanks

started by: popsy-596393 · last update: 1318329836 · posted: 1318329336

Is there one of these stores in Lyon as ive never seen one? Perhaps someone knows of one on the public transport system as i hate getting the car out as i lose my parking space :-(

started by: KentuckyGirl · last update: 1318015189 · posted: 1318015189

Hi anyone know where the best place is to buy a large turkey for thanksgiving in Lyon? Thanks for any help

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Anyone know any cooking classes in English in Lyon? Of the non touristy kind. Something you could go to on a regular basis without bankrupting yourself?

started by: Cupid-596727 · last update: 1314699938 · posted: 1314614745

Hi anyone know what they are and the best places to try them. We've been here 6 months so I should know but I don,t and as we've friends coming I don't want to appear a bit dim. Thanks for any help.

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Hi,we have friends arriving soon in Lyon for the week and they only eat tinned grapefruit. Ive looked in the supermarkets to no avail. Has anyone seen any in town,perhaps in the smaller stores. Thanks

started by: Bellecour · last update: 1314436093 · posted: 1314268581

Hi all, Were having trouble sleeping through the heat so i wonder if anyone has seen a French product similar to the bedtime drink Horlicks which always used to do the trick back in the UK. Thanks for any help.

started by: Doting Dad · last update: 1312981461 · posted: 1312981461

Im looking for my favourite tipple, anyone seen any in or around Lyon? Ive tried the supermarkets. Thanks

started by: Handy Andy-596423 · last update: 1312485693 · posted: 1312238321

Hi has anyone tried this restaurant in Brotteaux as its my wifes birthday and i want to take her somewhere nice. A client of mine recommended it but ive never heard of it. Thanks for any info.

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