started by: Valentine-596522 · last update: 1312201416 · posted: 1311932436

Hi thought id share this info, just discovered amazing Pizza dough frozen from the frozen chain Picard which are all over Lyon. It tastes fresh and only €1.20 for two balls great value! Enjoy

started by: Heidi-596908 · last update: 1312201357 · posted: 1312201357

Hi has anyone seen these in the supermarkets or shops? Ive seen almost every other type of berry but not these. What do the French call them? Thanks

started by: golfdiva-597130 · last update: 1310644322 · posted: 1310575920

Hi all; A friend and I are coming to Lyon for 3 days at the end of the summer.....have heard wonderful things about the restaurants....we will be fairly central with no car but can take transit. What are your favourite restaurants in the city? Any we should stay away from based on bad experiences? Any other things we should not miss in the city? Appreciate your help.

started by: Bruce-596831 · last update: 1310136734 · posted: 1309968060

Hi, Anyone know where i can get hold of Pimms around Lyon? Thanks

started by: cockney-596689 · last update: 1309172846 · posted: 1309085928

Anyone know of an authentic Mexican Restaurant, not a rubbish touristy one that don't expect you back! Thanks

started by: KentuckyGirl · last update: 1309172613 · posted: 1308906768

Hi looking for a supplier of Bagels in the Lyon area for a 4th of July soiree. Thanks

started by: Alice-596408 · last update: 1308160449 · posted: 1308046205

Has anyone got one of these ovens are they easy to use, also what are the results are they good or bad. Any response gratefully received

started by: lesalonanglais · last update: 1308064031 · posted: 1308064031

First event by Le Salon Anglais, the first Supperclub in Lyon, France.http://le-salon-anglais.blogspot.com/ Saturday 25th June 2011 @ 7.00 pm Hi there, We would like to invite you to an experience: the first supper hosted by Le Salon Anglais, supperclub and social event, which will provide beautiful food in outdoors surroundings. The idea is simple, a twist between the historical tradition of Salons with a more contemporary “do it yourself” attitude. It's also about promoting local food and producers as much as possible and a return to real eating; when food was about fresh, seasonal ingredients cooked well but without gimmickry. Because it's a social event, we encourage sharing tables, dishes and discussions! The supper will consist of an appetizer, 3 courses meal, with coffee and digestive. In times of economic recession we all need comfort, so join us for the experience, bring your own bottle of wine, and we will simply ask for a donation to cover costs. Please note that due to the nature of the event and limited places, we require RSVP by Monday 20th June and by email to: lesalonanglais@gmail.com. Thanks to indicate us the names of your party, as well as their email addresses or contact details. The menu and location will be provided few days prior to the event, for your confirmation. We look forward to hearing from you,Damian & Mel Le Salon AnglaisP.S: Please feel free to spread the word! Thank you.

started by: SteveY-596425 · last update: 1307790273 · posted: 1307702990

For all the beer lovers out there, Tarare is holding a beer festival this weekend (Fri + Sat). There will be 25 brewers present inc some of the local ones.Website :> http://www.fetedelabiere-tarare.fr/

started by: LyonTed · last update: 1306153690 · posted: 1306153690

Id love to hear if anyone has found a nice place to eat good quality Indian curries with a bit of oomph! Thanks for any replies!

started by: Kendo123 · last update: 1304933198 · posted: 1304680573

Can anyone recommend a good and large organic supermarket near Lyon centre please? Or further afield if its good!

started by: foxyroxy-596411 · last update: 1304589665 · posted: 1304529880

Hi to all, Has anyone tried the Budy Burd Mexican on rue Rene Leynaud in the 1st. We need to book a group table with some friends and ive heard good things about it, so wondered if anyone else would recommend? Thanks

started by: KentuckyGirl · last update: 1303211491 · posted: 1303211491

Hi, Anyone any recommendations for a N African Restaurant that serves Tajines to die for? I went to a tourist one near the Opera last week and it was awful!!

started by: Bree-596817 · last update: 1302777203 · posted: 1302619739

Been looking for Bicarbonate of Soda in just about every shop in Lyon, have seen it somewhere but, for the life of me, can't remember where! I can't bake my favourite sticky date and walnut cake without it!! Any suggestions please? Thanks

started by: Gino-596422 · last update: 1302631773 · posted: 1302117751

Hi Ive got some Jewish colleagues flying into Lyon soon so does anyone know of any Kosher eateries in the area? Thanks

started by: Bree-596817 · last update: 1302096173 · posted: 1301913234

Hi does anyone know where i can find buttermilk around Lyon? Thanks

started by: wizardofoz-596678 · last update: 1302033571 · posted: 1300713719

Has anyone seen any shops that sells Australian products in the Lyon area, bit of a long shot i know but thought id ask.

started by: Bree-596817 · last update: 1301568877 · posted: 1301520601

Hi Before i go and scour all supermarkets and liquer stores in Lyon tomorrow can anyone point me in the right direction for JD. Thanks

started by: Handy Andy-596423 · last update: 1301520467 · posted: 1301435861

Hi,My wife and I recently bought a new Jura coffee machine ENA 9 ONE Touch but being relatively new to the area I am not sure where to buy quality expresso beans. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks

started by: noodle-596395 · last update: 1300360437 · posted: 1300287902

Anyone seen any in the supermarkets in Lyon? Mother in law visiting who has it everyday for brekkie and i can't find it anywhere. Its readily available in the UK! Thanks for any spots!!!

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