started by: Maisylou · last update: 1298724894 · posted: 1298724894

Hi, Im looking for fully skimmed milk which used to be the red top in Sainsburys. I can find loads od semi in the supermarkets but no fully. Thanks

started by: charpennes · last update: 1297796084 · posted: 1297709805

Hi could someone kindly recommend a shop which sells Gluten free products as we have visitors coming soon who need this for special diets. Thanks in advance!

started by: Alice-596408 · last update: 1297678405 · posted: 1297424213

Hi im a little confused over flour types in the supermarkets. I don't know which is plain and self raising. I remeber someone telling me that you need to add an additive to the flour in France if you want Self raising. Any help appreciated!

started by: Handy Andy-596423 · last update: 1297625468 · posted: 1297422450

Is there a good indian spice shop that sells authentic products in the city as i feel a cooking weekend coming on. Thanks

started by: Trudi-596397 · last update: 1296825288 · posted: 1296818557

Hi are there any Chinese New Year celebrations been held in Lyon this week? Failing that can anyone recommend a nice Restaurant to eat at, not a buffet as i hate these! Thanks

started by: Maxine-596392 · last update: 1296819909 · posted: 1296571309

Has anyone eaten or visited Edwins wine bar in Lyon as were going to an informal gathering of friends there this month and as ive never been wondered what it was like? Thanks

started by: Bree-596817 · last update: 1296743036 · posted: 1296663314

Has anyone visited this new resto in Gerland. A firend was telling me she went but didnt understand what to as its a new concept and chickened out! I love Italian food so want a review!

started by: cockney-596689 · last update: 1295539739 · posted: 1295534170

Hi can anyone recommend a great indian resto in Lyon, expensive or cheap as long as its good authentic food. Thanks

started by: wizardofoz-596678 · last update: 1295260645 · posted: 1295188965

Bit stereotypical but has anyone seen any in Lyon? Thanks

started by: SteveY-596425 · last update: 1295188901 · posted: 1294672441

Has anyone come across any Jellies (Rowntree or similar) in any of the ex-pat shopping sections. Ifancy making a trifle next weekend. Failing that a tried and tested recipe for making one from scratch using sheet gelatineThanksSteve

started by: Cupid-596727 · last update: 1294163300 · posted: 1293989615

Is there a French cream suitable to whip stiff enough to place on scones etc? I need somthing comparable with English double. Also has anyone seen sour cream in the shops? Thanks

started by: Cupid-596727 · last update: 1294149999 · posted: 1292435777

Is there a French brand equivalent to English sherry available in Lyon?

started by: Handy Andy-596423 · last update: 1292678320 · posted: 1292268717

Hi are there any wholesale shops that sell food and drink items like Costcos and Makro back in the UK? I ask as weve friends arriving for xmas and think it will work out cheaper than supermarkets.

started by: Vinnie69 · last update: 1292235577 · posted: 1292235577

Hi im looking for the name and or contact details for this shop in St Etienne. Could someone post them if they know thanks

started by: Maxine-596392 · last update: 1292232299 · posted: 1292183711

Hi, Im looking for fresh cranberries for christmas sauces, does anyone know where i can get them, failing that frozen will do! Thanks

started by: Milly-596427 · last update: 1292096065 · posted: 1292096065

Is it true most bars and restos close very early on Christmas eve as a friend was telling me but id planned on eating out with visitors?

started by: Milly-596427 · last update: 1291115780 · posted: 1291062344

Hi, does this exist in France? Do i need to put somthing into normal flour to make it rise? Any help appreciated to a frustrated baker :-(

started by: Cupid-596727 · last update: 1290702051 · posted: 1288809516

Hi, perhaps someone has found the best in Lyon? Im still looking as i miss the food from my home of the US of A!!!

started by: Cupid-596727 · last update: 1290696296 · posted: 1290696296

Im on the lookout for mincemeat to make mince pies this weekend. Has anyone seen any in the shops in or out of Lyon? perhaps in the English sections of supermarkets? Thanks

started by: Genehunt · last update: 1290423073 · posted: 1290254303

Has anyone tried the new stuff and could perhaps be so kind as to recommend one for me. Im not keen on it myself but need some for a gift. Thanks

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